I'm now back at Uni so my ability to come onto this site and edit things will now be severely reduced. Annoying but necessary. I will still be editing my pages and characters and occasionally randomly editing a page for grammar but not as much as I did over the Christmas break.

As a side note, if anyone wants to put links to pages that are very badly written (like the entire thing is a single paragraph that is 12 lines long but somehow all one sentence because I have seen a few of those [Here's an example of what I mean, the bottom of this page is amazingly bad. ]) I will make an attempt to edit them to be readable by English speaking humans (like the top of the previously shown page). Also badly translated pages that need to reworded to make sense, I'll try to sort them out too but as I don't actually speak any other languages, the actual translation stage will be somewhat difficult. I'll give it a go though.

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