LunaDeaminac was knelt in an infinite white space with nothing but a small table and 2 cushions to knell on, one of which she already occupied. A teapot and two freshly brewed cups of green tea were on its surface. The cups were Chinese in style, thin, cylindrical and lacked handles.

"I suppose this had to happen eventually. So many AUs on here have the self inserted 'creator' in there, including the other AU I write for and with you being able to travel across the entire multiverse, our chance encounter was bound to happen eventually." Was how she chose to greet Ace. "Then I suppose our true connection should be explained." He retorted as his knelt on the other cushion. "Not all 'creators' create. Every fiction is a fact in another time, another place." She picked up her cup. "And most of the time, a creator actually only sees that other time, that other place. That's what inspiration is." He does the same. "So they write it down." She drinks from it.

"This is called a 'tap'." They said in unison. "You've been told this all before 'Luna'." He looked away "but it's time to tell others." "I'm not a creator of worlds, just a story teller. Akintale's universe has always existed as long as my own has and so have many other worlds. A tapper just tells you about them." "And you have been tapping my family for a long time, from our perspective, longer than either of my fathers have been alive but for you it's only been a few years." "Six or seven, a long time compared to my age." "You used my aunt's name as your own while online. But you aren't her." "You may be wondering how universes come to be if we don't make them." Trying to change the subject away from her.

"Ah, the natural universes, those aren't created are caused by branches for the original world." Ace shifted his weight a little. "The first things defined in a universe are fundamental laws of physics. The strength of the magnetism in positrons and electrons, whether they are the same or opposite and if they are equal, the charge of the electron, the strength of gravity and absolute zero for example. Each one that's different causes another reality, most of which failed to create energy and matter in a way that balanced it properly. Whether or not their is magic is now determined. Then things required to determine if life would be present then once life exists, choice takes the reins." "If I toss a coin, that creates a branch point for this universe. One universe exists where the coin landed heads, another where it landed tails, a third where I dropped it and it landed head, another where the dropped coin landed tails, yet another where it rolled under something as whether it's heads or tails is yet to be defined and a final one where I never tossed the coin at all." "Akintale is one of these natural universe, as is the one I hale from."

"This is why I refused to make you a puppet like S.T in UTAUWikiTale. You're not a puppet, you never have been. Certainly not mine anyway." Ace paused. "I would ask you questions about why you do things to me, but I know you don't cause them. It would be like shooting a messenger, pointless and cruel. I'd ask you about my future too, but I know you aren't allowed to tell me." "Predestination and all that... I'm not your god, just an oracle." "I am going to ask one thing... feel free not to answer but... will I be happy? Will I let myself fell joy again?" "It won't be easy for you Ace... but yes."

Author's note: I decided to do a little thing about me and Ace and yes that thing about inspiration being little glimpses into other realities is something I genuinely believe. This is canon for Akintale's universe. It was never created by anyone, it just came to be.

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