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  • I live in the UK
  • I was born on October 16
  • My occupation is Graduate Product Designer
  • I am Female
  • LunaDeaminac

    Ok, let's get this first thing out of the way. I don't want to come back to the wiki. I really, really don't. The wiki's too social and too many members are kids for someone like me. I have actually been keeping tabs on this place during my break and nothing I saw encouraged me to return. I'm a reclusive, non-social person who hates communicating with people I don't know and it just seems like that is all there is to here. Some of you may be wondering 'how did you become Bureaucrat then?', the answer is fairly simple. I was just offer the role (I think that was only because I was a competent writer IDK ask Wikiperson) and I only accepted because there were very few frequent users on here and I could handle that. When the wiki became bigger…

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  • LunaDeaminac

    1WikiConstructionTemmie1 dropped onto the desk in front of Max041’s monitoring system that kept track of the Wiki Activity. Unusually for Max, the desk was covered in paper, causing Construct to slip off the desk and fall gracelessly to the floor with an embarrassing thump. A small pile of papers and research notes fell from the desk along with the temmie and scattered across the floor. The chair usually the near the monitoring desk had been pushed against the wall behind them.

    “Ow… Glad I was wearing my helmet.” He looked up at desk he had fallen from. Max was knelt beside it, arms folded on the top which he used to hide his face. The only light in the room came for the oversized monitor. Construct placed his paw on Max’s side.

    “You Ok budd…

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  • LunaDeaminac


    May 19, 2017 by LunaDeaminac

    I have handed in my coursework so I'm finally free... and exhausted.

    For the sake of both my physical and mental health, I still won't be around much until I have had some time to recharge. Also I really want to work on my own AU, poor Akintale has been neglected for far too long so yeah, that's my priority right now though I will continue UTAUWikiTale as each part doesn't actually take much time to make once I have an idea for what to write. Basically, the situation hasn't changed but the reason has.

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  • LunaDeaminac

    LunaDeaminac was knelt in an infinite white space with nothing but a small table and 2 cushions to knell on, one of which she already occupied. A teapot and two freshly brewed cups of green tea were on its surface. The cups were Chinese in style, thin, cylindrical and lacked handles.

    "I suppose this had to happen eventually. So many AUs on here have the self inserted 'creator' in there, including the other AU I write for and with you being able to travel across the entire multiverse, our chance encounter was bound to happen eventually." Was how she chose to greet Ace. "Then I suppose our true connection should be explained." He retorted as his knelt on the other cushion. "Not all 'creators' create. Every fiction is a fact in another time, a…

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  • LunaDeaminac

    Ink stepped back from the dropped hammer.

    “I… I didn’t want to… I didn’t mean to! I want to undo it.”

    His ghostly companion floated onwards, wordlessly. Ink watched her move ahead without him. He looked around, panicked and unsure of what to do next. He got up and ran after the ghost, leaving the toy hammer behind. She had stopped infront of a spotlight. The page that the light was shone on folded into Deletey. He stared at Ink with a piercing glare.

    “I hope you’re happy with yourself Ink. I mean, you can’t take it back can ya? It’s done, you killed someone. You, Ink, the defender of AUs and the assistant to their creators, is a murderer.” The page laughed. “And she saved you from me when you are no better! It’s delicious! I’ll see you later,…

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