well it all starts when Laney is a human and instead of her name being Laney it is Angelica and it is a normal day she is in her room dancing (very horribly) to a song and near the end she sits on her bed singing along. Then she feels warmth on her legs, butt, and back and feals a cold knife on her neck and hears a dark crackly voice (Underfell) say "If you are smart you won't scream or run" that stiffened her up till he tensed up and said "GOT THAT" she says in reply "yes.. yes sir" then she started shaking because this was the most exciting thing that happened to her and squealed a lil bit before he said "hey why don't you go get me some mustard" and pushed her she stumbled but didn't fall and quickly walked out got him mustard and got herself some green tea.(I will constantly update this from time to time)

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