At The Shiba house, Kuro stitches Delphine's Fingers on Delphine's Fingerless hands. Tideus is watching The Quick and The Dead which Kuro do enjoy. Jayden and Dreadhead are still fighting about Nicknames. Kinji still needs to learn more about Octobounty. Junji and Reiji are talking about The Events of The Ulitmate Duel and The Great Duel, Kevin took a screenshot of the scene from Water You Thinking and send the photo to Kuro. After Kuro is done stitching, Kuro told Delphine to Rest for awhile. And Kuro looks at The Message that Kevin send and Gets Angry At Kevin for Sending a photo of the scene from Water You Thinking. At The Netherworld, Xandred Laughs at Battle Damaged Octobounty. Octobounty was so mad at Xandred. Octobounty then Inks at Xandred for Laughing at Him. Xandred tells Octobounty and Drakkon that they need another Nighlok and Xandred yelled out Shōnen. Shōnen appears and questions"Does Someone need me" and Xandred order Shōnen to Destroy Just The Samurai Rangers and Shonen says"It'll be fast like a bull"Shōnen leaves the Netherworld. Xandred laughs and Octobounty inks more at him. At The Shiba House, Kuro washes off the blood from Delphine's Fingers.  And Kinji ordered Kuro to Break the fight between Jayden and Dreadhead. And Kuro did what Kinji asked​ her. Kuro asked them what's going on and Jayden told her that Dreadhead called him"Sheriff Jayden" so Jayden called Dreadhead"Drifter Dreadhead". Kuro then say to them"Maybe you guys can settle this with an Old Fashioned Showdown" Dreadhead laughs and accepted. Jayden too.  But they CANNOT do it right now because They aren't at 1888 Angel Grove. The Gap Sensor went off. And The Samurai Rangers and Tideus went to the Nighlok attack location. Meanwhile Shōnen Attacks The Humans. He killed 7 humans a Destroyed 10 Buildings. The Samurai Rangers arrived on a scene and saves the humans. Kuro wrote healing kanji and revives 7 humans. Shōnen says"Ya' Rangers shot my party. Now I gonna shoot ya'" Kuro attacks Shōnen but Kuro misses Shōnen. Shōnen attacks Kuro and Kuro got hurt. Tideus took out his blaster and shoots it at Shōnen. But Shōnen Dodge the attack which made Tideus say"SHIT" Jayden took out the Beetle disk and puts it on a cannon Each Rangers(Except Tideus)put their disks inside the cannon and did the 5 disk beetle and attacks Shōnen. But Shōnen Dodge the attack. The Rangers groaned in Fustration. Shōnen took out his gun and shoots it to the Rangers but Kuro turns Demon and took out her Demonic sword to block the Attack Dreadhead opened up the Time Portal and lets the Rangers to go through first. Dreadhead went through it last. The Time Portal closes and Shōnen says"They can run but they can not hide" At 1888 Angel Grove Reijj and Corcus are talking about Delphine and Octobounty. Corcus started the discussion and Reiji doesn't know who Octobounty is and Corcus says to Reiji"Octobounty was one of Galaxies most feared Bounty Hunter. He is reward 510,000 space bullions. Octobounty leads the Hydrobots alongside Hydro Hog In the Great Aquitian War. Octobounty was killed by Delphine in the Climatic Battle at the A.V.S.S (Aquitar Volcanic System Station). However one of monsters named Sledge heard about everything so he started to catch Outlaws. And No, Outlaws are not Cowboys that Sledge Catched. Now 300,000 years later Octobounty is revived. Powerful than ever" Reiji wow-ed at the whole story. Corcus feels like he's tired after He told Reiji a story of Octobounty. And puts his head on a counter and falls to sleep. Reiji didn't say anything for 2 mins. Kinji appears and tells Reiji how's he doing and Reiji told him that Everything's coming good and Corcus visit to the old west 2 hours ago. Kinji told Reiji that He and Rangers battled Shōnen and it turns out to be a hardest one yet because Shōnen Dodge the attacks. Reiji is shocked at that. Kinji also tells him that If He is challenged by Shōnen he'll be ready. Reiji agreed. Kuro enters and tells Kinji and Reiji that She did a bad thing and Kinji questions why would she do that and Kuro says that in a present she said to Jayden and Dreadhead that they should settle their fighting with an old fashioned standoff and They didn't forget it which made Kuro feel scared. Jayden and Dreadhead eavesdropped at Kuro and they felt sorry for each other Jayden seems to like his nickname after all and Dreadhead seems to think his nickname to be Awesome after all. They shake hands.  Kuro, Kinji, and Reiji heard it all. And Jayden and Dreadhead laughs nervously. Behind them Shōnen appears hurting Ernest and pushing Corcus to a floor which indeed woke him up. Kuro,Kinji,Reiji,Corcus,Jayden and Dreadhead saw him and Shōnen walks up to them and says that He knows everything when they go. And Shōnen shoots Kuro in a face as a target. Kinji yelled out Kuro and Kuro knocks out. Kinji clenched his fists and yells at Shōnen for doing that and Shōnen grabs Kinji and says to him that they should settle this at High Noon. And Kinji accepts it. Shōnen let go of Kinji and leaves Kinji stands back up. Kuro wokes up from consciousness "Trithayzians can be unsciousness for 2 mins." She said and then questions what happened and Reiji says that Kinji has been challenged to a standoff. Which made Kuro had gut feelings. Kinji holds Kuro's hand and takes her somewhere. outside of the Juice Saloon Kinji said to Kuro that he's going to be out of town for a while. And Kuro says that Delphine did the same thing after she is challenge by Hunterous. Kinji hugs Kuro so She won't be upset. Kuro cried a little bit and Kinji wipes her tears off of Kuro's Cheek. Kinji hops on to his horse and tip his hat to Kuro and He leaves the town. 30 mins after Kinji left. Shōnen attacks Angel Grove so he could practice for a Showdown with Kinji. The Rangers and The wild west Rangers attack Shōnen which hurt him a little bit. Shōnen growls at The Rangers and attacks them, The Rangers tried to Dodge his attacks but Kuro is the only Ranger who is good at Dodging attacks. Kuro tooks out her spin sword tooks out her disk and did a Soul Fury to Shōnen and Shōnen Dodged the attacks which made Kuro so mad and tells the Rangers that She could handle this on her own. Kuro umorphed and turn into demon. Shōnen took out his gun and tires to shoot it at Kuro but Kuro still standing and Kuro clawed Shōnen but somehow Shōnen's skin covered the injury. Kuro loses her Demon powers. She now has to wait to get her Demon powers re-charged. Kuro and The Rangers are now tied up. Shōnen checks the time on his pocket watch and the time is 11:59. Just as Shōnen is going to kill Kuro in head. Someone called out his name. And It was Kinji. Shōnen growled at him. And Shōnen said to him that "Kinji. I been waitin' for ya'." Kinji Replied"I Practice hard while I was gone. And now I'm ready to defeat you varmint". The clock strikes 12. Everyone and the also The Rangers hides. It was getting winder. Couple of Tumbleweeds rolling across between them. Kinji says to Shōnen"This Town Ain't Big Enough For The Two Of Us" and He growls at Shōnen. Shōnen glares at Kinji. When it was 12:01 Kinji did a quick draw as he shoots quickly at Shōnen. Shōnen forgotten​ to reload his gun. Shōnen looks at Kinji and Kinji says"I took your Bullets" Shōnen is now afraid and Kinji shot quickly again to Shōnen head. Shōnen dies and The Ranges cheered for him. Kinji runs to the Rangers and Untied them. But Kinji couldn't find Kuro till he found her trying to Untied herself. Kinji runs to Kuro and Kinji Unties her. Kuro Sees Kinji and hugs him. Kinji tipped his hat to Kuro. Kuro misses Kinji, Even though it's been 50 mins. Kuro cries so much. She even happy to see Kinji. Jayden tells the Rangers That they should be going now. Back to 2066. Kinji took Kuro's Samuraizer as he said"leave it to me" Kinji wrote Time Portal Kanji. In order of the Rangers going through the time portal is Mia, Kevin, Jayden, Mike, Emily, Antonio, Corcus, And Tideus. Kuro and Kinji hold hands together and went through the Time Portal. In the Epilouge, Delphine is so upset that she misses everything. She's stand up and walked a little bit and Kuro and Laugh at her for Delphine's reaction when she misses everything. Kuro and Kinji kissed. Jayden and Dreadhead said sorry to each other. Tideus is watching The Good The Bad The Ugly when Kuro let's him to watch it.

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