On Aquitar, A monster is shown to be alive, He wants to Get Revenge on The Samurai Rangers and Alien Rangers after what the did to him. He wants to rule 2 worlds, Aquitar and Earth. A Monster is revealed to be Octobounty. On Earth, At The Shiba House, Kuro blocks Starz Encore Westerns and Sundance so Tideus won't be watching Clint Eastwood Western Movies which upsets Tideus. Kinji laughs a bit at Tideus. Delphine has a strange feeling which made The Samurai Rangers and The Alien Rangers questioned and Delphine told them that She thinks Octobounty is alive and wants to get revenge on them after what they did about a year ago. The Samurai Rangers and The Alien Rangers Laugh because It will never happen. Kinji questions about Octobounty but Delphine didn't answered the Question which made the Rangers feel sorry about her. At The Netherworld, Xandred is sarcastically happy that Octobounty is alive. Octobounty almost has his Extreme Hatred of Xandred. Drakkon knows Octobounty before because Octobounty used to be his commander known has Commander Okutopasubauntihantā, meaning that Octobounty was born on Trithayzia instead of Aquitar. Octobounty was so royal to Drakkon he decides him to lone wolf and earn him a nickname "Octobounty" Octobounty went Bounty Hunter because half of his name is Bounty so it means Bounty Hunter. After a Flashback Drakkon hugs Octobounty so hard. Octobounty wants to destroy the Rangers once and for all. And Drakkon said"That's the sprit" Xandred pushed Octobounty out of the Netherworld Drakkon questions to Xandred about why Xandred pushed Octobounty and Xandred answered that He has Stronger Hatred of Him. This makes Xandred and Drakkon arguing about it. At The Shiba House The Gap Sensor went off and Delphine hopes Octobounty is attacking which made The Samurai Rangers and The Alien Rangers Laugh again which made Delphine really upset. At The Nighlok Attack, Octobounty attacks several humans, Just as Octobounty is going to kill the humans The Samurai Rangers and The Alien Rangers Blocked the Attack so The Humans will be alright. Octobounty groans and Attacks the Samurai Rangers and The Alien Rangers. The Samurai Rangers took out the disks and did blazing Fury Strike and Octobounty inks the attack which made it Reversal the Attack, making the attack hurt The Samurai Rangers bad but they still got it. The Alien Rangers took out their blasters and shooted at Octobounty but Octobounty tools out his sword and blocks the Attacks.  Octobounty combines his Sword and his blaster and made it into a rifle and shoots it to Both Power Rangers. Octobounty laughs meancely but 3 of the Power Rangers are still okay. Kuro,Kinji, and Delphine. But the unmorphs. Kuro turned into Demon and tools out her demonic Sword and attacks Octobounty but Octobounty pushes her hard making Kuro crashed into Delphine. Delphine is okay. She stands up and says"Oh geez it's looks like we're going to have my fear, Mexican Standoff" she shivers In fear and runs away but Kinji Stop her. Kinji told her"Fear is not an Option during a battle. Fear is like White Stranger is on time had a fear of no responding. Probably because of Midnight from DITLOR didn't do her request back at 2017. Kuro told me a bit of it. She knows the past via her mind." Tideus is watching Fistful of Dollars on Kuro's Samuraizer Kuro is a last ranger who woke and she even questions"Where's my Samuraizer" which made Tideus fell and puts Kuro's Samuraizer behind his back. Kuro groans and Angerly attacks Tideus. Kinji told Delphine to do this by herself. Because She defeated Octobounty In The Great Aquitian War. Delphine took out her sword and Octobounty questions"What are you doing White Alien Ranger. Scared that My biggest Revenge is not quite complete and My biggest Revenge is...TO KILL YOU!" Delphine attacks Octobounty but the Whole fight cannot be seen because of Octobounty's Ink. The Samurai Rangers and The Alien Rangers keep their fingers crossed till the explosion The Samurai Rangers and The Alien Rangers cried out to Delphine all is there is a battle damaged Octobounty. The Rangers think that Delphine may have sacrifice herself to kill Octobounty. 5 mins of totally silence. Kuro cries and Thinks that Delphine is gone. For good. But Delphine is seen Her uniform is ripped up, Her face is all bloody, She lost 2 fingers and a thumb. The Samurai Rangers And The Alien Rangers cried and hugged her. Octobounty is still alive and said"You may won the first round. But The second round will be ME! I WILL GET YOU ALL! INCLUDING UH...Asian Cowboy...BYE!" Octobounty runs back to the Netherworld. In the epilouge, Dreadhead talks to Jayden about the Events of Day Off when he talks about He and Jayden had a standoff and Jayden Killed him and That's the Reason that Dreadhead calls Jayden "Sheriff Jayden". Jayden then gets a Comeback when he calls Dreadhead "Drifter Dreadhead" which made Dreadhead very uncomfortable about the Nickname and Jayden and Dreadhead got into a big Arguement.

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