At The Netherworld Xandred is getting Angry. He stomps on the floor so hard it causes the ship almost toppled over. Drakkon comes in trying to calm down Xandred. Xandred told him that the rangers are defeating the nighloks 1 by 1 and The Nighloks are losing. Xandred then Grabs Octobounty without looking and squeezed Octobounty so hard, Ink came out of him. Drakkon tells Xandred that He'll fight the Rangers by himself. Which made Xandred and Octobounty laugh so hard they made Drakkon twice as mad as Xandred so Drakkon uses Telekinesis on Xandred and Octobounty which Hurt them bad Drakkon then yells to them"I WILL FIGHT THEM NO MATTER WHAT!" At the Shiba House Kuro is seen doing a Sprite which Dreadhead questions"Kuro. Why are you doing a Sprite? Aren't ya' supposed to be trainin'" Kuro then Answers" Midnight from DITLOR Died from Heart Attack so White Stranger is on time ask me a request. So I have to do it" Dreadhead questions "Who's Midnight from DITLOR" "Midnight from DITLOR is the user who makes the sprites. White Stranger is on time wants the Sprite so bad that She Asks Midnight to create the Sprite fast as She can. Which is bad." Dreadhead leaves as he said"boring" Kuro sighs. Tideus is watching Hang Em' High till The Channel Changed by itself making Tideus groans and told the rangers "WHO RECORDED JANE GOT A GUN" Obi Wan raises his hand and Tideus beat him up for doing that and Tideus changed the channel back. Obi Wan quietly says"Ow" The Gap Sensor went off, Kuro went back on Undertale Au wikia and comments to White Stranger is on time that She has to do some business and She'll do the sprite later. She posted and a second later White Stranger is on time replied"F*ck You" The Rangers leave the Shiba House. At The Nighlok Attack, Drakkon uses his pyrokinesis to set off fire which made the Building Burned down. Drakkon tooks out his sword and did a "silver prism" technique which kills 5 people. Drakkon laughs Evilly till The Rangers arrived.

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