It's been 5 days after the events of Rangers In The Old West: Dreadhead's Father, Tideus tries to figuring out of The Parental Controls, Delphine and Reiji are still mad at each other, Kinji and Kuro are having Sex which made The Samurai and The Alien Rangers pretty distracted, Dreadhead is upset that He lost his Invisibility after The Nighloks Resurrected his Father. In the Netherworld Xandred says alot of Course words in Rage about Jūdan dead. But Drakkon says that There's a next best thing which made Xandred calm down a bit. Drakkon sends A Monster named Inferno A Surfer Accented Monster who can Defeat the Rangers Easily. Flamator is Still Crying after Dreadhead attacks him and Chromastri tries to make him stopped crying. Xandred has a really bad headache because of that and Gets really Enraged. Back at The Shiba House Tideus Says"SON OF A BITCH! NOW I HAVE TO TRY AGAIN 40 MINS" and Kuro laughs at him and told him that He will never figure it out. Which made Tideus groans and puches Kuro in a face. Junji is watching The Quick and The Dead with Corcus and Delphine hits Reiji in a crotch for no reason. The Gap Sensor went off and The Samurai Rangers and The Alien Rangers went to the Nighlok attack location. Meanwhile Inferno uses his Fire abilities to Burn People into dust. And Water abilities to Demolish buildings completely. The Samurai Rangers and The Alien Rangers arrived on a scene which made Inferno said"looks like you dudes crashed my party. You trashy ranger are going to be Wrecked" Kuro tools out her spin sword and Attacks him but She misses the attack. Inferno uses Ice ability to Freeze Kuro and Inferno Punches Kuro out of Earth and into outer space. Kuro got out of the Ice cube and realized She's in space. Jayden tools out a beetle disk and places it on a cannon and The Samurai Rangers places their disks in a cannon and did a five disk beetle cannon but Inferno reverses the attack which made The Samurai Rangers hurt really bad Dreadhead shots into Inferno but doesn't get hurt Inferno grabs Dreadhead in a throat and his hand turns into a big Spikey glove and puches Dreadhead in a gut alot of times. Blood comes out of Dreadhead's mouth. Delphine grabs one of her Teammate's sword and goes after Inferno but Inferno uses the Force and sends Delphine somewhere in the world(Japan).Tideus gives up on the Battle and went to The Shiba House so he can figure it out the Parental Controls. Dreadhead sees The Power Rangers hurt really bad. He is pretty weak. He can't Handel to Beat Inferno alone. Inferno grabs Dreadhead and says"Looks like you'll be riding the Waves to your death. ENJOY YOU BOGUS MOMENT!" just as Inferno is going to punch Dreadhead to his death Dreadhead grabs Inferno's fist and says"I am not going to the River. YOU ARE GOING TO RIVER" Dreadhead went super Saiyan and finishes the talking"I USED TO BE THE ONE WHO CAN SEND THE RANGERS TO THE RIVER! BUT NOW I CAN SEND THE MONSTERS TO THE RIVER. YOU SHOULD NOT DESTROY MY PARDNERS, YOU SHOULD NOT DESTROY ME" Dreadhead screams as He does the Kamehameha like power which made Inferno said'This is my Bogus moment in the history" Inferno is destroyed The Samurai Rangers and The Alien Rangers woke up. Delphine is back. Kuro fell to atmosphere and landed on the sidewalk hard. Jayden tries to see if Dreadhead has his Invisibility again so he slashed Dreadhead and Dreadhead has his Invisibility back. The Samurai Rangers and The Alien Rangers Cheered for Dreadhead. At The Shiba House, Tideus is watching The Good, The Bad, The Ugly It looks like He figured out The Parental Controls. The Samurai Rangers and The Alien Rangers Entered The Shiba House and sees Tideus watching a movie. Tideus looks at The Rangers. Feeling Guilty about this. Kuro gets Enraged and said"HOLLY SHIT"

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