For the past 2 months, I had a dream. A dream about...Kinji Takigawa. That dream felt so real. I wasn't in it. But Some of the the characters of my power rangers Fanfiction Power Rangers Samurai Time are there. Oh where should I start??? Okay here I go... Oh before I do it, My dream is like POWER RANGERS SAMURAI TIME EPISODE!!!!


At the Netherworld, Xandred and Emperor Drakkon uses all the Blood in Dreadhead's body to resurrect Dreadhead's Father. It may seem ugly to Imagine this scene. Dreadhead is all dried up and Resurrection was completed Dreadhead's Father is seen saying"I'm finally alive. I been Re-born." Drakkon told him to Destroy The Samurai Rangers and Alien Rangers. Jūdan accepts the mission and Leaves the Netherworld. At The Shiba House Tideus' Secret is now revealed to Kuro When He says to the Rangers that He's been Recording alot of Clint Eastwood Western Movies on Kuro's TV and Computer which made Kuro feel mad and puts Parental Controls on Starz/Encore Westerns and Sundance. Tideus feels upset after His Secret is been Exposed and went to Aquitar. Delphine enters The Shiba House as She said"I kinda heard everything what's going on and BUSTED!!!!! Kevin and Kinji Went Off Topic When Kevin Mentions The Events of Mighty Morphin Alien Rangers episodeWater You Thinking which made Kuro have really bad gut feelings and Kinji Mentions the events of Shinobi 17: Good Bye, StarNinger which made Kuro had Campophobia(Trithayzian Sickness of Campfires). The Gap Sensor went off and The Rangers went to the Nighlok Attack location. Meanwhile While Jūdan is Attacking He killed 5 Humans, Destroyed 10 Buildings. The Rangers Arrived At the scene of Attacks and Delphine knows the Information of the Nighlok when She says"That's Jūdan McCoy. Dreadhead's Father. Me and Ninjor defeated him In the Great Devastation War over 200 Years Ago. He has the same Invisibility like His Son and Daughter." The Rangers went into Battle and After a long Battle They lost but Kuro summons a Time Portal to go to 1888 Angel Grove. Jūdan misses them and says A Bad word loudly. At 1888 Angel Grove Junji and Reiji are talking about The Events of Shinobi 27: It's Summer! Chozetsu Star is Born and Day Off Reiji kinda like The Part where Jayden had a standoff with Dreadhead. And Junji says" 54 years later Dreadhead calls Jayden Sheriff" Corcus is seen drunk when He say very odd things about Delphine and Kinji. Junji hurts Corcus in a Head which made Corcus unconscious for a while. Kuro and Kinji Entered as Kinji says"I cannot believe that Time Portal send us very close to Angel Grove" And Sees Corcus bleeding which made them didn't say anything for a minute. Back at 2066, Jūdan is very angry that The Rangers went back in time and He Then sees a Delorean he snuck in there, puts in the date where The Rangers Went to, He drives up to 88 mph and went back in time. Marty briefly appears and say"This is Heavy" At The Netherworld Flamator re-hydrates Dreadhead quietly because He is worried. And Dreadhead wakes up from conscious and attacks Flamator and leaves making Flamator cried in Pain and runs to Chromastri. Back at 1888 Delphine once again plays the Harmonica which gave Reiji a headache and breaks it. Delphine groans and walk to Reiji. Delphine and Reiji went into a little Arguement about breaking other people's stuff. Kinji sees the argument takes out his gun and shoots it to a sky which made it stop an arguement. Moogers then appears attacking angel Grove Delphine and Kinji morphed and destroys The Moogers. But there's more to come when more Moogers appears wielding shotguns Kuro and the rest of the rangers appeared destroying them 1 by 1. After all Moogers are destroyed Kinji says"Who's behinding this" which made The Rangers don't know who till Jūdan appears hurting each rangers except Kinji. De-hydrating The Alien Rangers, Hurting Kuro so bad that there was blood all around it. Kinji clenched his fists and yelled out to Jūdan"STOP HURTING MY FRIENDS" Jūdan stops hurting them and looks at Kinji. Kinji unmorphs and seems stalling at him Jūdan knows that Kinji challenges him to a standoff right now and accepts it. The clock strikes 12. The bell tolls. It was silent. Windy. A few Tumbleweeds rolling across between them. Kuro is recording everything on her Samuraizer. Junji and Reiji are covering their eyes. Delphine was groaning. When the clock is at 12:02 Both shot each other. Kinji collapse to a ground. Jūdan laughs evilly and walks closer to Kinji to see if he's dead or not. But somehow He's alive, Jūdan was Confusing at the point. Kinji was wearing a Bulletproof Vest Kinji knows that one coming and shots Jūdan in a Head, Heart, and Eye. Kinji really felt a bullet In his blood. The Rangers wow-ed at him for doing that. Kuro has gut feelings and Kinji gaves her a really good gut feelings when he said"Let's Ride Into A Sunset Together, Pardner" Kuro Accepts it 7 hrs later They ride into the sunset.

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