What you about to read is non canon to my fanfiction Power Rangers Samurai Time. What ever you do, play But Earth Refused to Die while you read this. There's no funny parts. There's sadness. And please don't tell your parents why were you crying. UnEnjoy.


It begins with the first person point of view (Kinji) fighting The Nighlok named Destructo. Kinji sees his teammates got injured badly because Destructo is really powerful than the average nighlok. Kinji panted so much he felt like He maybe getting tired of it. But He doesn't give up Kinji does The Ono-ha Itto-ru Technique to Destructo But Destructo dodges the Attack making Kinji hit hard to the Ground. Destructo walk up to Kinji and Holds him saying"You think that your Technique will defeat me. Well Think Again" Destructo throws Kinji up to the air. Destructo jumps up and did the Greninja final strike Technique which made Kinji unmorphed and Hit to ground so hard. Kinji stands up a little just as he morphed again Destructo did a hard punch on him which sends him flying to a hard wall. Destructo laughs Evily that He went back to the Neatherworld. (Time for Third Person point of view) The Samurai Rangers and The Alien Rangers ran up to him."Is He... Dead?" Delphine questions and The Rangers don't know whether he is dead or not. Kuro tells the Rangers to go to Trithayzia because Her Father is also a Doctor. Kuro teleports herself and the Rangers to Trithayzia. On Trithayzia, Kononjo stands there silently infront of the window. Kōgō walks up to him saying"Father. I got the message from Kuro. She and The Rangers are a little fine. But Kinji is in bad shape" Kononjo replies"When They Get here. Tell them I'll Be on the 70th floor." "Got it". 3 minutes later The Rangers have arrived. Kuro is carrying Kinji Kōgō sees them and tells them that Kononjo is on the 70th floor. Kōgō leads the Rangers to the 70th floor. When The Rangers get to the 70th floor. Kononjo walks to the Rangers and sees Kinji who is still probably dead. Kononjo takes him and tells the Rangers to follow him to the Deathbed. When The Rangers got to the Deathbed, Kononjo places probably Dead Kinji on the Deathbed. Kononjo is setting up the Monitor. Kuro feels worried about Kinji. She looks like She's going to cry. The Alien Rangers hold their hands. Kononjo get things worked and tells the Rangers that He'll be on the top floor. And Lets the Rangers stay here if they like. Kononjo and Kōgō leaves The Rangers took a closer look at Kinji who is unknowningly dead. Kuro cries and Gets Shoved by Delphine and holds Kinji's hand. The Rangers stay silent and cried. Kinji wakes up and The Rangers are relief to him alive but Kinji is in shock which made the Rangers confused. On the Monitor. It seems that Kinji is...Dead. The Rangers cried. Kuro sobs very dramatic. Konaho (Kuro's step mother) covers Dead Kinji. Kuro's heart broke. Dead Kinji dropped The Starburger and The Starburger is broke into pieces. At The funeral Rangers stay silent. Kuro still cries and Delphine hugs her so Kuro will stop crying. Dreadhead, Kononjo, and Tideus hold the Coffin which is colored in Gold and had stars on it. Ghost of Wolfman is there saying"Goodbye puny Yokai Hunter" He laugh Evily but then stops as he feels the pain in the inside and then cried. Dreadhead, Kononjo, and Tideus put the coffin in the Grave and buried it. While burying the coffin The Rangers cried. Kuro(the only ranger) sees Wolfman who is also crying which made her confused for a bit and restarted crying. At The Shiba House. It was a dark and stormy night. The Rangers are kinda depressed. Tideus cannot watch The Good The Bad and The Ugly because He feels all the pain in the inside. In Kuro's Room. Kuro still crying and says"I missed Kinji so much".

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