Hello, Everyone, Just putting this out there,

I may quit the wiki,

Going through alot rn, Sucide has crossed my mind, Sooo I may do it, The thought is overwhelming me, I've tried it before, I'm sure I'll be able to do it again. My parents may get divorced, Because of my fault, I'm just as aggressive as my mom so I tend to worsen problems and I'm the one who always always always causes fights with my parents. I've lost my BFF once because I was too rough/aggressive, I bullied her for a year without knowing, I never meant to hurt her but I did. This makes me feel like I have that possiblity of harming others around me without knowing it. At school I've been bullied for almost 3 years, by the popular kids, And yet they keep pestering me, I'm gonna move schools somewhere near June, I've recently tried running away but it failed, The suicide thought is overwhelming me alot now, I tried doing it last night but it failed. And I really don't wanna cause any harm to anyone here, So I might quit the wiki because these issues are mostly everyday happening to me and it's most likely these issues will make me inactive like on here or my dad might take my laptop away from me, Which ever happens first.

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