Welcome, <insert name here>, To my coding blog! Each Day I'll add a new piece of coding. 

Notes,  go into classic editor and all coding must be done in source mode, Do not do it in visual mode.

You may wonder how I got your username, Its easy!

Copy this and paste it in source mode, 


Onto borders! This border is a combination of 3 borders

Your text here!

Just simply copy this and paste it in source mode

<div style="border: 3px solid white;"> <div style="border: 4px dashed red;"> <div style="border: 4px dotted white;"> Your text here! </div></div></div>

They're are Many types of borders and border styles, Alot,

Here is a box shadowed border,

Your Text Here

Copy and paste this in source mode, 

<div style=" padding: 20px; border: 8px COLORS;box-shadow: inset 0 0 60px black"> Your Text Here </div>

This is a Rounded box shadow border, Like the original box shadow border but its round

Your Text Here

Just copy and paste this in source mode

<div style="background-color: none; padding: 30px; border none;margin: 3px; -webkit-border-radius: 10px; border-radius: 10px; box-shadow: inset 0 0 50px #1b422a">Your Text Here </div>

Another border, outset borders

Your Text Here

Copy and paste this for an Outset border

<div style="BORDER:10px outset #89565e;">Your Text Here</div>

And a groove border

Your Text Here

Copy and paste this,

<div style="border:10px groove linen;"> wow :O </div>



                                           I like trains

                                           Now go away

Copy this and paste in in source mode,  This may glitch a bit, Tabbers is currently a W.I.P

 <pre style="text-align:center;"></pre>


In AJCW backgrounds are extremely uncommon, In AJCW they are suggested to be on blog posts and not pages but that is in Animal jam clan wikis

Cool, Isn't it?

Just copy and paste this, 


Another type of background

Your text here
HMMMMMM, Ikr so cool c:

W.I.P for the coppying and pasting

Coloured texts

This may or may not work, Insert this text in visual mode then go into source mode, Then you may be able to change the colours

Insert Text Here 

Shades Yellows Reds/Pinks Oranges Greens Blues
Black FloralWhite LavenderBlush Linen Ivory MintCream
DarkSlateGray Beige MistyRose OldLace Honeydew Azure
DimGray Cornsilk Pink AntiqueWhite PaleGreen LightCyan
Gray LightYellow LightPink PeachPuff LightGreen AliceBlue
SlateGrey LightGoldenRodYellow LightSalmon SandyBrown GreenYellow LightBlue
LightSlateGray LemonChiffon Salmon Coral MediumSpringGreen PowderBlue
DarkGrey Yellow DarkSalmon Orange SpringGreen PaleTurquoise
Silver Khaki LightCoral DarkOrange Chartreuse SkyBlue
LightGray DarkKhaki PaleVioletRed Chocolate LawnGreen LightSkyBlue
Gainsboro Gold HotPink Lime DeepSkyBlue
WhiteSmoke Goldenrod DeepPink DarkSeaGreen Cyan
Snow DarkGoldenrod MediumVioletRed YellowGreen Turquoise
White IndianRed MediumAquamarine MediumTurquoise
Tomato MediumSeaGreen DarkTurquoise
Violets/Magentas Browns OrangeRed Olive LightSeaGreen
GhostWhite Seashell Red SeaGreen CadetBlue
Lavender Linen Crimson ForestGreen DarkCyan
Thistle BlanchedAlmond FireBrick Green Teal
RosyBrown Bisque Brown DarkOliveGreen SteelBlue
Plum Wheat DarkRed DarkGreen CornflowerBlue
Violet NavajoWhite Maroon DodgerBlue
Orchid BurlyWood RoyalBlue
Fuchsia Tan Blue
Magenta Peru MediumBlue
MediumOrchid Sienna DarkSlateBlue
MediumPurple SaddleBrown DarkBlue
MediumSlateBlue Navy
SlateBlue MidnightBlue


Credit to Fubsy for font list


Isn't this
Their popular
for basic group 
You can change their colors 
Am I right?
Have fun!


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