aka CoreGlitch

  • I live in Gravity
  • My occupation is Being the lazybones and eating crayons
  • I am Betty's inner fear
  • InfiniteDrawer8

    Halloween junk

    October 10, 2017 by InfiniteDrawer8

    to celebrate halloween, i decided to do a picture.. it will soon be done..  Here's a progress on how i do stuff on ms

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  • InfiniteDrawer8


    October 7, 2017 by InfiniteDrawer8

    I'm making this blog for nooooo reason...

    Nah just kidding... I just want to make a rough coloured sketch that's all..

    I have to agree that glitchtale stepped it up abit and the latest episode do I explain...I can''s too...ahhhh whatever

    Oh btw....spoiler alert... Sry But now that's out of the way...I'll just leave and do something else

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  • InfiniteDrawer8

    More stuff

    September 10, 2017 by InfiniteDrawer8

    Ehhh..gotta say..i didn't do that i right??

    X- Event Chara & Ult (Underlit) Chara

    This is my first attempt doing X-event Chara... so you can now stare at the picture that i have worked hard on... 

    Well enjoy.. :3

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  • InfiniteDrawer8

    Art contest

    August 29, 2017 by InfiniteDrawer8

    Interested in art? Do want to show it it off? Well you came the right place!! Greetings and welcome to my first art contest with a twist... Instead of doing normal drawings.. You will have to do COMICS and yes professionals are allowed..

    The limit for the comic are 2 pages.. And no I don't expect it to be very detailed and fully clean... It just has to be sketched and coloured (optional) ..

    How do you enter?? Well just post down in the blog comments and you're in!! Simple as that. I'll give 3 days for people to enter..

    What's the deadline for the comics?? Honestly, I'm not very sure if this is enough time.. But I hope it is... The due date is September 8. If all drawings are in before the deadline, the judging will begin...

    What happens if I d…

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  • InfiniteDrawer8


    August 24, 2017 by InfiniteDrawer8

    Heya, infinite here.. its just a little parody i wrote on how i feel...i think...hope you enjoy.. Listen to the original song before you read the parody..

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