aka Glitchy

  • I live in Planet earth... Duh whut do u expect
  • I was born on September 10
  • My occupation is Being the lazybones and eating crayons
  • I am A pencil that needs to be sharpened
  • InfiniteDrawer8

    Drawing stuff

    August 7, 2017 by InfiniteDrawer8

    Heye, Infinite here....I just made a sketch dump..I don't even know if it IS A SKETCH DUMP, but I assume it here..take a go hug Mai smol ones....

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  • InfiniteDrawer8

    Now how do I start this... Ah yes ehem.. Greetings everyone who stumbled upon this blog. Anyway something exiting came to life (if you red the title you would get it) and I don't really know the full details of everything so, here I go..

    How the rp started... So that chat room was literally ded for a few minutes and i started to do boring stuff.. until i accidentaly metion my oc dust and someone tried to kill mai child and thats how the rp began.... alot of stuff happened from battles to chasing and whatever...

    Honourable mentions...

    • 9StrangeSaness9
    • Eeveetale
    • MickRunner
    • Corly
    • and many more.......
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  • InfiniteDrawer8

    Roleplay rules

    1. Don't fight outside of rp
    2. Don't be overpowered ( Ex: Dodging always without getting tired ) (oc)
    3. listen to who started the rp, because if you dont, you might miss some stuff, or you get banned.

    Music (souncloud)

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  • InfiniteDrawer8

    Okay so something happened a few day ago... MAI PICTURE GOT DELETED!!!! Plus i worked so, so, so hard on it and when i went to my digital art program, IT JUST GOT DELETED WUT??? and of course i raged (ehem spoils) 

    I was supposed to upload it to mai article to introduce mai au that no one really knows lol... I have many options so tried them. Mai first is to put a template that says Need image and i posted in on mai article but i knew that no one would really help me and notice,  a noobie, so i removed it. I tried many more options (I'm just lazy to explain so imma not explain) but in the end i decided to just draw another pic... PROBLEM SOLVED!!! (I mai stupid art program, everytime it just does this!! NYAHHHHH!!)

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