Spaghetti monster: Who stole my meatballs again?

Papyrus: (Several meatballs are in a pot and the rest are being eaten by Papyrus) Wasn't me! (Spits meatballs out into pot.) I hate meatballs! And everything else to do with spaghetti for the record!

Spaghetti monster: So you hate me! The magnificent, loyal, cunning, kind, trustworthy, awesome, adventurous spaghetti monster that has known you for years and never said anything harmful? And you hate your signature dishes?

Papyrus: That's not what I meant! I mean, I have more terrific stuff to do, like attending my puzzles and stopping that human. NYEH HEH HEH!!!! 

Spaghetti monster: You mean the guy that just left the underground and stole your spaghetti? (Frisk rings Papyrus and shoves a meatball through the phone. Papyrus pulls out a gaster blaster and demolishes his phone. The only thing left is the dusty meatball.) A bit dusty, but, a nice meatball. (Papyrus imagines how the timeline was messed up and he hasn't been fought, yet still the human left.)

Papyrus: You know that meatball is covered in Asgore's butt dust. (He faces the audience.) Butt dust...

Spaghetti monster: Papyrus, do you need big bwother sans to come here and read you a bedtime story? Oh, and here comes the aeroplane! (As spaghetti monster thrusts the saucy spoon forward, Tsunderplane falls through the air onto Papyrus. EXPLOSION! Papyrus' head pops out the rubble, and his secret third eye is revealed.)

Papyrus: BWA HA HA! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! WHERE IS THE KETCHUP, SANS! HE HE HE! (Spaghetti monster bathes in bottles of ketchup while he waits for Papyrus to figure out where the ketchup is. Sans passes by.)

Sans: Paps, I' m going to Grillby's. Wanna come?

Papyrus: TELL ALPHYS I'LL BE LATE FOR THE DATE! HE, HE, HE! (Spaghetti monster looks confused. Sans does his signature wink and leaves.)

Spaghetti monster: Who writes this rubbish anyways, ya' stinkin' moron! I'm going ta' Grillby's! (Papyrus pulls a strand of spaghetti from the monster and devours it. His face enlightens with ferocity. Spaghetti monster leaves.)

Papyrus: Frisk, daddy's hungry! Hungry for... burger pants! (Nearby, BurgerPants faints.)

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