• Gigamac

    Spaghetti monster: Who stole my meatballs again?

    Papyrus: (Several meatballs are in a pot and the rest are being eaten by Papyrus) Wasn't me! (Spits meatballs out into pot.) I hate meatballs! And everything else to do with spaghetti for the record!

    Spaghetti monster: So you hate me! The magnificent, loyal, cunning, kind, trustworthy, awesome, adventurous spaghetti monster that has known you for years and never said anything harmful? And you hate your signature dishes?

    Papyrus: That's not what I meant! I mean, I have more terrific stuff to do, like attending my puzzles and stopping that human. NYEH HEH HEH!!!! 

    Spaghetti monster: You mean the guy that just left the underground and stole your spaghetti? (Frisk rings Papyrus and shoves a meatball…

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