Hello everyone, I'm Crimson and today we'll be taking a trip through the True Lab. In Alphys' old basement, this is where Flowey was made and the Amalgamates come out to play! So, anyways, the elevator crashed, so we're stuck down here until the end of the tour. Now, we start. Oh, and I'm not stopping for the journal entries. So if that's why you came here, then get out. NOW we start!  So, here we are by the popato chisps. God, that better be a typo. Let's go into the ominous looking hall next to it! These are beds that held the dying patients in their last moments with their own bodies. Next to it are some sinks, each with Memoryheads. Say Hi! Giygas, Fun Girl, Memoryhead C. Can I have that key please? I'm not asking. Gimme. Thanks. So now, we travel up ahead into the dark hallway dripping with raw sewage! Just kidding, it isn't dripping with raw sewage, but it might as well be. Put the key into the keyhole...please don't get any ideas...and now on we travel into the vast unknown. Let's go back the way we came, and pass the chisps and the Lab Entry into another ugly looking hallway. More lab entries, and a fork in the road? I guess? Would that, um, be considered a fork? I dunno.  Let's go up...great, another fork. We can just go left and it'll be...OH CRAP. SNOWDRAKE'S MOTHER. I FORGOT! SORRY BUT I'M TAKING THE KEY AND LEAVING! There, now...wait, I still have the key. Dang. 

  • Later*

Well, I didn't really see her, but now we're walking back. Oh, this dark pit is where the Determination Extraction Machine was. This is being recorded during Flowey's fight, and he's stalling, and the player sucks at it. That's why I'm rushing this. This has to be over by the end of Justice's minifight. He won't be able to stall during the second phase of the fight.  Oh, and to those of you who are paranoid of falling in, it actually goes down for three feet and then stops. It's a black floor. This isn't the CORE, idiots. Go up, and there is some past stuff of Asriel and Chara. Go down, and Lemon Bread. But seriously, she was absent this whole time? Wake up! And that's done. And now, Tentacle Curtain! Spoon Man, we all love you, but you scared some five year olds there.  Make a right, and Endogeny. He has a cute personality.

Go dow-

... that Finale?

Oh god no, oh GOD no. Well, I guess that this is going to be made into two parts. That's sad. Oh well, both me and my creator's fingers are getting tired. No Cipher quote today. Bye!

(Hi! Just a quick little message. I'm sorry that it's fast paced, full of sarcasm, and hard to read, but I hope you enjoyed it nonetheless! None of this is confirmed canon by the creator of anything in this post. Undertale belongs to Toby Fox. Crimson belongs to Dream_tale Sans (Fuhuhuhuhu).)

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