I really shouldn't be doing this. By the way, I'm not doing a sappy, teary paragraph about how much fun we have during RP or about how good your hair smells. And everyone gets a "they". "Guy" is gender neutral. I've mistaken people's genders on here. I'm not doing that now. The more I've seen of you, and the more I've heard of you, you get more, across all wikias. Please don't comment about what a horrible person I am, I don't want to start a flamewar in the comments, so keep it to yourself. Forever. Half the people on this list will be happy if you do. Welp, here we go. No offense to anyone! Moving on.


I've heard that they're fun to RP with, but we have very...different opinions on the users on the wikias, and the AU Sanses.


They deserve their admin rights. Funny, not abusive of their powers, and pretty chill, as far as I know.


Their a pretty cool person.


Pretty cool, as far as I know. One of the three most rapid AU producers I've seen yet.


Pretty chill, and they don't care about "the destruction of the wikia". One of the three most rapid AU producers I've seen yet.


The name says it all. One of the three most rapid AU producers I've seen yet.


Thanks. We'll start with that. I probably danced around in my room for five minutes when I checked GSS' page to see a new sprite. I have a just kidding you can go on with your life haha please don't take this seriously help.


Or, um, your other name. Sorry. Pretty cool guy. And Suetale! That exists with a cause. Yay.


Pretty cool person. 


You're in so many universes. Screw AU Sans speedpaints, now it's time for an AU DustyTheGoat speedpaint! But, all in all, no comment. I just wanted to make this joke. Um, sorry?

Vincent Endethyst

Pretty cool person. Oh yeah, and GSS wants to tell Spectron hi.


As far as I've seen, they're a pretty cool person. They don't seem to get upset at anything. Best of luck on Mentaltale. If you need more OCs for it, come to me first. know what? I'm not even going to try. (UndertaleAUwikipersonandthings)

Who needs legs with arms like these? I don't. I heard you got demoted...such a shame. I don't think that they did anything wrong. Unless, of course, there's something I don't know about. S.T was a good character as well.

Wiki Temmie

What I've seen of them is a very...negative outlook. They seem to be talking to users in a way that I don't approve of. I'm not going to go any deeper, since this is only because I've seen them on their message wall, blogs, and replying to other users. But there has been one thing about them that's been bothering me. They kept saying "oh, the wiki's falling apart, oh, the wiki's dying because of the other users, oh, the wiki...", and they obviously didn't like it, but why didn't they just leave? I don't want anyone to leave, but it was getting to the point where it was becoming annoying. And they "tried to help it". Maybe this is because I just started back in May/late April, but there didn't seem to be any big changes. And I really didn't approve of their admin powers. I thought (and still think) that they didn't deserve it all that much.  Well, I'm not going to start any bigger arguments down in the comment section, because I have a feeling that if they look at this (again?) there will be a flamewar resulting in an admin or two getting involved.

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