(I'll be writing here as Deletion!SansCrimson, and Desperation. If you have a problem with that, the exit is to the right, take the elevator doen to the first floor, take a left, and then take a right, go straight. Run, and then make a leap of faith for the exit. Oh, and make sure you don't get killed by the Forgotten AUs (deleted AUs) on your way to the exit! I, the creator, will be talking like this.)

Greetings. I am Deletion! Sans. I walk the streets of this Wikipedia and I look for the AUs that are not worthy. I don't mark them for deletion, but my sister, Desperation, will try and save them. We will not get pages in fear of deletion and we don't want to be unmasked. Please, be kind and don't bully us here. Desperation is afraid of being alone in abandoned pages and But Nobody Came has gotten a bit tiring of hearing. I can't wait to see what happens and meet Chara once again! Goodbye.

'Ello! I'm Desperation. I'm not a Sans, nor a Papyrus, but rather one of the creator's many, many online representations! I try and save the pages from being deleted! Now my brother, Deletion, hates the ones that aren't "worthy" of being here. He doesn't hate AUs. I fact, he loves them and is responsible for some of them himself. But he doesn't want the ones that are messy or untidy or are just plain unneeded here. It gets crowded. But whatever. Please don't be a jerk, I don't like abandoned places...or Chara! Seeya later, alligator!

Hello. I'm Crimson, probably the closest to the creator that you'll get here other than herself. I'm the girl that rivals Lacy and Perky for their positions. I don't have an age. Somehow, this is possible. That's all that YOU guys can know. REMEMBER, FRIENDS END BUT WORRIES LAST FOREVER! BYE!

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