Mmmkay then. I found my creator's name on a page. I was mad, Desperation was crazy happy, and my creator and Crimson were, well, shocked of course. I guess that this guy wants to be...friends? Oh well. I won't say no. My creator wouldn't want that, and it's just not worth hearing my sister cry for a week straight without taking a break like the crybaby that she is!' Also, my gender was changed. I'm a girl now. Whoopee-doo.

Somebody wants to be my friend! Somebody wants to be my friend! Yippee! This has to be, like, one of the greatest days of my life! Well, it should be rivaled when I get to marry...NOPE. Anyways, I hope this works out well! Yee!

This guy wants to be my friend, I suppose. He said my name...he said my name...! REMEMBER, THIS AIR MAKES US SEE A DAZED VERSION OF THE WORLD AND DRUGS ARE AN ESCAPE TO REALITY! BOIYA!

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