• Fuhuhuhuhu


    August 16, 2017 by Fuhuhuhuhu

    I notice stuff.

    (I have changed it. Let me get another account set up-I don't really like this one due to reasons. Sorry)

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  • Fuhuhuhuhu

    How the heckle do you change your name. I want to change it to "TheFandomReaper" or something because that's exactly what I'm best at doing. Reaping fandoms. Not, like, killing them, but making them horrible. Or something.

    And then page music. I tried looking at it on the Help Page, but...oh never mind.

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  • Fuhuhuhuhu

    I really shouldn't be doing this. By the way, I'm not doing a sappy, teary paragraph about how much fun we have during RP or about how good your hair smells. And everyone gets a "they". "Guy" is gender neutral. I've mistaken people's genders on here. I'm not doing that now. The more I've seen of you, and the more I've heard of you, you get more, across all wikias. Please don't comment about what a horrible person I am, I don't want to start a flamewar in the comments, so keep it to yourself. Forever. Half the people on this list will be happy if you do. Welp, here we go. No offense to anyone! Moving on.

    I've heard that they're fun to RP with, but we have very...different opinions on the users on the wikias, and the AU Sanses.

    They deserve th…

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  • Fuhuhuhuhu


    July 8, 2017 by Fuhuhuhuhu

    Durp. Durpity durp durp duh-durp.

    Durp durp durp durp durp duh durp durp.


    Durp durp, durp durp duh durp.

    Durp durp durp duh duh durp. Durp durp durp!

    (This is a pointless blog)

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  • Fuhuhuhuhu


    July 5, 2017 by Fuhuhuhuhu

    Hey, Despration.


    Can you look up this song for me?

    "Amygdala's Rag Doll". Um...sure, I can look this up!



    Kyaa! Crimson!

    So? Did you look up the song?

    • In a ball on the floor; shivering; crying* I think that I legitimately have trypophobia now.

    So you did?

    Hey! W-W-Why in the world would you e-ever show me t-that?

    I'm Crimson, the Cipherified demoness that comes when you call it's name.


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