• FeltedAxolotl


    June 21, 2017 by FeltedAxolotl

    This is a W.I.P.

    Kirbytale is an AU where main characters/bosses (with some exceptions) are swapped with characters from the Kirby universe.

    Frisk with Kirby

    Chara (Neutral/Pacifist) with Gooey

    Chara (Genocide) with 0

    Flowey with Lovely

    Photoshop/Omega Flowey with Photoshop/Omega Lovely (not canon to the Kirby series)

    Asriel with Magolor

    Asriel (First phase) with Magolor (First phase)

    Asriel (Second phase) with Magolor Soul

    Toriel with Susie

    Asgore with Haltmann

    Sans with Tuff

    Papyrus with Tiff

    Undyne with Meta Knight

    Alphys with (undecided)

    Mettaton with King Dedede

    Napstablook with (undecided)

    Doggo with Sailor Waddle Dee

    Dogi with Waddle Dees

    Greater Dog with Waddle Doo

    Lesser Dog with Bandana Waddle Dee

    Muffet with Taranza

    Temmie with Animal Friends (shop ru…

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