Guys, I did something VERY stupid. You see, I was working on a new AU, which at the time went as 'FNaFWorldBossTale', which I'm sure you can guess what it's about. Anyways, I then decided I don't want to make the AU, and hence I deleted the file.

Or, I THOUGHT I did.

What I thought I deleted: FNaFWorldBossTale's empty file. What I actually deleted: The file for KoopalingTale, and now it's all gone. I empty the recycle bin everytime I throw something away. Just a habit. So, by the time I realized what I did, it was too late. It's all gone. The sprites, the story, THE COMIC, EVERYTHING!!

But don't worry! I am recreating it as we speak! It's gonna be even better than last time! I so far have the new sprites (which are still WIP, but that's fine), the names of the OFFICIAL OST (which I need to update on this site), and all of the important information. Also, I decided to swap Mario and Luigi, so...

Also, please don't bother me with sprite requests, as this is a tough time for me (KoopalingTale was the most important AU I've ever created- not to mention, my favorite.)

Also, I've considered making a few AUs of KoopalingTale, you know. For fun.

  • KoopalingSwap (A swapped version of KoopalingTale)
  • KoopalingFell (An edgy version of KoopaingTale, because we really need it, I guess)
  • ShiftedShells (A storyshifted version of KoopalingTale)
  • SpinningShells (A storyspun version of KoopalingTale)
  • KoopalingHorrors (A horrortale version of KoopalingTale)

Will I make pages for them? Probably not. AND DON'T YOU DARE THINK ABOUT MAKING THEM YOURSELF!!

Alright, that about sums it up. Thanks for taking time out of your day to read this!

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