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  • DustyTheGoat

    So, I was checking to see what the hell was new on the wikia, and I saw Billy made a blog post about a joke AU called "Billytale", where everyone was replaced by him. (Link to it here.)

    I looked at that and told myself "Well, I am narcissistic idea-stealing douchebag, so I don't mind if I do!"

    And so, track #83 of the Undertale OST!

    However, because I like to think about more than just the major boss themes, I will rename the ENTIRE GODDAMN SOUNDTRACK!!

    So! Let's stop wasting time and start wasting time!

    Track Number New Track Name Original Track
    #001 Let's Stop Wasting Time and Start Wasting Time! Once Upon a Time
    #002 Do We REALLY Need a Start Menu? Start Menu
    #003 Welcome to the Gates of Hell! Your Best Friend
    #004 Get Up, Kid. We're Going to a …

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  • DustyTheGoat

    Greetings, users! Welcome to the eternal vortex of horror and drama that is the Undertale AU Wikia! (Now with heap loads of more drama!)

    The AUs

    Obviously, you can't have an AU Wikia without AUs, so let’s not waste time and start wasting time!!

    • The OG which was boring as hell to play!
    • JamTheBirb if he was an AU.
    • Stop calling him Blueberry.
    • Underswap, but actually interesting!
    • I hear the Grillby replacement of this AU is a real douchebag...
    • Underhell.
    • Underhell.
    • Something about Bullet Hell.
    • Spell Konchen Konig.
    • Gori-boi’s not mad, just disappointed.
    • DYNAMI-cally clichéd.
    • I’d smash.
    • I’d Super Smash.
    • Stop saying Waluigi is Mettaton!
    • *voice cracking* OCEAN MAN, TAKE ME BY THE HAND, LEAD ME TO THE LAND--
    • Wait, this ISN'T based off of the TV show Friends?
    • Repeteti…
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  • DustyTheGoat

    I was bored

    March 29, 2018 by DustyTheGoat

    So, before we get to the flesh and blood of what the hell the blog post is, we must start with a little story.

    So, I was recently thinking about this wikia and how no one here actually cares about me because no one bothered to check up on me after I was banned from the chat, and I remembered the existence of a little AU called Remade Prophecy. And I got to thinking. I eventually asked myself “What if I had made that AU? Same role swaps, same concept, but my own version?”

    And so, track 83 of the Undertale soundtrack.

    Note, I am not making this to hate on Remade Prophecy or its creator; this is just how I would have made the AU had I created it. Anyways, let's do this!

    To start off, let's address the name. "Remade Prophecy" honestly just doesn't …

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  • DustyTheGoat

    Dusty, now possessing a frog, is very clearly confused. “What the hell is going on!? This isn’t right!! Cappy, what did you do!?” The goat asked his hat companion. Cappy responds with “Relax, this is supposed to happen. You just captured the frog, and hence are now in its body. And you can use its powers to your advantage.”

    “Ah, so I possessed him!” Dusty exclaims. Cappy sighs. “Sure, whatever.” Dusty, controlling the frog’s body, manages to hop up the ledges nearby which he couldn’t escalate before. Dusty eventually has encounters with multiple packs of Micro Goombas, stomping all of them to oblivion. Eventually, he reaches the top of the tower. He disposes of the frog vessel, hopping over a torch and leaving the body to die a fiery death. …

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  • DustyTheGoat

    High in the skies above Peach's Castle and the Mushroom Kingdom, Bowser's newly decked-out airship flies as the king of the Koopas, after nabbing himself the princess of the Mushroom Kingdom, is locked in a duel against the one and only hero of the Mushroom Kingdom, Mari-...

    Wait. Upon further inspection, it appears Bowser is NOT actually fighting Mario, but is actually fighting a small, white goat, this goat being the infamous dream-crusher and handsome wikia-user known as Dusty. Why is he here? What are his motives? Honestly, I don’t even think he knows. Moving on…

    The king of the Koopas spits a wave of scorching fireballs at Dusty, the latter of which dodges gracefully, almost as if he was dancing. The goat looks at the Koopa King and say…

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