I walked and walked. It was so cold and I was freezing! I started to shiver. Now the cold was starting to hurt. I pressed on in hopes of finding a town or Sans or Papyrus. I felt all the cold leave my body. But that was because I had gone numb. I collapsed on the white snow.


Sans' p.o.v

I hummed to myself as I skipped across the snow. I was happy I had found a human to capture! Wait! Alphys would kill her if she saw her! And I really care about this human!! She's so nice and, well, i kinda love her... I don't know how she would feel about this though.

I came to a rock and sat down to think. I looked around for (y/n), getting the feeling she was around. She was, but not in the way I expected. She was sprawled out on the snow. A small cat-like thing was standing beside her. "Finally it's time to kill her!", the cat said. Before I knew what was happening I felt a strong urge to protect her. I stepped out in front of the cat. "Not while I'm here!", I said, blocking (y/n). The thing ran off. I picked up (y/n) and took her to my place.

(y/n)'s p.o.v

I was finally waking up. I opened my eyes and found myself in a bedroom in a blue race car bed. I spotted an action figure collection neatly displayed, and a nice computer on a desk. Sans was on the side of the bed. He fell asleep making sure I was okay. "Awww!!", I said. I felt a sneeze coming. I really didn't wanna wake him up! "AH-CHOO!!!", I sneezed. "MWEH!!!", Sans screamed startled by the loud noise. "Oh, (y/n)! You're awake!! You just kinda collapsed so I brought you back here!", he said. "Thanks Sans!", I said. I sniffled. "Are you okay?", Sans asked, worried. "Yes, I think I just have a small cold.", I said.

"Do you need anything?", he asked. "No, I'm okay! Thanks though!", I said. "Well, I should go get Papyrus off the couch...feel better (y/n)!", Sans said. "I will! And thanks so much! I would have died if you didn't come to help!", I said getting off the bed. I walked to Sans and kissed him on the cheek. (Well, cheek-bone but you get the point) He turned a very bright shade of blue. (Idk how skeletons blush but just leave me alone :p)

"U-um...i-it's no problem!", Sans stuttered. "Sans, can I ask you something?", I asked blushing. "Sure!", he said. "Sans, would you like to go on a d-date?", I asked blushing like crazy. "O-of course!!", he said blushing still. "Where should we go?",I asked. "I got it!", Sans said running out the door. "Huh?", I said. "Stay here.", Sans said. So I obeyed him.

Sans' p.o.v 

"Papyrus? Do you have any dating advice?", I asked papyrus. Papyrus took out a piece of paper and scribbled something on it. Then he handed it to me. (XD it's a paper with pick up lines on it) "What is this?", I asked. "Things to say on a date.", Papyrus said. "These are all jokes that are complimenting someone!", I said. "Nah, I know you don't like that kind of stuff. Just be yourself. And if she hurts your feelings tell me...and let's just say she will be having a really bad time. But I can tell she likes you so that probably won't happen.", Papyrus said.

"Thanks Papyrus!", I said going to the kitchen. I cooked us dinner. And it had tacos. I finally finished cooking! Now I just gotta set the table and get (y/n)!

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