Hmm...that girl was kinda cute! I'll see how she does with the puzzles. But there's no way that taco won't work. Maybe there'll be some more left for me. YAY!!!

    Sorry it was such a short Sans p.o.v but i just needed to explain quickly that Sans likes you. 

                                                                                   (y/n)'s p.o.v

          "Whoa!!", I yelled slipping on the ice.I fell. "UGGGGG!!!!", I screamed. This is the most annoying  puzzle ever!! I know the solution, but I keep on slipping. I finally stepped on the last switch. "YES!!!!!!", I yelled. The door opened. I walked out to find a table and an unplugged microwave. The plate had a taco on it. "I am so hungry! Yay food!!!", I said. The taco was stuck to the table. "WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY???!!!!!!", I screamed. So, I went on. 

         Once I got to a bridge, I saw little blueberry on it. "H-hi (y/n)!", Sans stuttered. "Hi, Sans!", I said. We were both almost the same height. I am strangely small for my age. "S-so, are there any more tacos left?", he stuttered. I didn't wanna hurt his feelings and say i didn't eat them. But, I also wanted to tell the truth. I am a very truthful person and don't usually lie. So i went with telling the truth.

      ", i didn't eat it...", I said telling the truth. "Oh! YAY!! I can go eat some!", Sans said. oh,um....okay then... Thank goodness he's not sad! "Thanks (y/n)!", Sans said running off. "He's one strange dude. But it's cute!", I said out loud accidentally. "Hey (y/n).", someone said behind me. I turned around and saw Papyrus. "Hey Papyrus!", I said. "Sans likes you.", he said. "W-what?!", I said.

    "Yeah um... he asked me not to tell you. But, I know how annoying he can be so i thought I should warn you.", Papyrus said. Then he looked over my shoulder. "Well, looks like I just missed him. I'm going back to Snowdin Town.", he said going in the opposite direction. "Papyrus! I think it's that way!", I yelled after him. But he was already gone.

      I do like Sans though...should I say anything to him? Or if I did would he decline to keep his "cool dude" look going? Danggit! Why did I fall in love with him in the first place?! But... I am kinda glad...

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