After I got pushed I freaked out and fainted. I woke up. "Oh, it was just a dream!", I said with relief. I took in my surroundings. Tiny pieces of construction paper had broken my fall. I was in an underground place. I finally realized it wasn't a dream.

       "Of course it's nots a dream silly!", a tiny little cat like thing with black hair and a tee shirt said. "Oh! Hi, who are you?", I asked. "HOI!!! I'm Tem the Temmie!!! Are you newz heres?", Tem said. I nodded. "Oh! Then Tems shouldz show you how things are donez here!",Tem said. A heart appeared in front of me.  "You see dat heart? That's is your soULz!", Tem said. "Okay!", I said. "Downz heres loves is shared by tiny littles TEMMIE FLAKES!!!!", the temmie said. "Gather as many as u can!!!", she said.

     I gathered them. "OWWIEE!!", I yelled in agony. "Youz IDIOT!! Did you really thinkz that wuz gonna be dat way? In this world its HOI!!! or GOODBOI!!!", the tem said making a creepy face. A lot of tem flakes came after me. Suddenly a fire ball came and hit the demented Temmie. "Oh what a horrible being to hurt a child! Come here and let me help you!", said a tall goat guy. I took his hand curiously. He helped me up. "Let me take you to my house.", he said as he led me there.

     "Would you like some pie?", he asked. "Oh sure!", I said taking a slice. I was starving. But to be honest I'm always hungry. "My name is Asgore. What's yours my child?",he asked. "I'm (y/n)!", I said introducing myself. "Nice to meet you. But I have to say something first... Do not go through the door at the bottom of the stairs. Do you understand my child?", Asgore asked. "Um...yes. But may I go down there? I promise not to leave. And I never break my word.", I said. "As long as you don't go out.", Asgore said. So I walked down the steps. A big purple door was in front of me. I heard a light knocking at the door.

       "Knock Knock.", the voice said. "W-who's there?", I asked shyly. "Daisy.", he said. "Daisy who?", I asked. "Daisy me rollin, they hatin.", he said. I laughed. "Are you a human? I heard a human might come out this door.", he asked. "Um...y-yeah.", I said. "My brother would really like to see one. He wants to be in the royal guard and will stop at nothing to capture a human. So if you come out... we might wanna avoid him.", he said. "Okay!", I said. "Well, I'm off to read him his bedtime story.", the voice said. I heard foot steps. He was gone. I went back up to my room and went to sleep in my bed.


        I woke up the next day feeling awesome. "Yawwwn! I wonder if he came back.", I asked myself. I ran down the stairs and to the door. "Hello?", I said through the door. No answer.  "Oh he's gone.", I said to myself. "No, I'm not.", the voice said. "Hold on I'll be right back.", I said running up the stairs. "Can I go out the door? PLLLLEEEEAAAASSSEEEE??????", I pleaded. "But my child-", Asgore said. I made puppy eyes. "Fine...just stay safe my child.", Asgore said. "Don't worry, I already have a friend.", I said.

   I went down the stairs and back to the door. I opened it slightly. The cold hit me instantly. Wow! It was VERY cold! "Here kid..." the guy said handing me his jacket. "Just don't jack-it!", he said laughing a little. "Pffft! okay!", I said. "Let's go to Snowdin Town, where I live.", he said. I looked up at him. He was a tall skeleton in a white turtle neck t-shirt. Well he usually has a hoodie on i assume but i have it. He's also smoking. "Sure!", I said.


    Before we could get to Snowdin a small, cute, skeleton appeared in front of us. He looked a bit like a blueberry. "hey, go behind there!", the tall skeleton said pointing at a rock. I went behind it. "Brother!! You still haven't fixed the puzzles yet!!", the blueberry said. "I don't think a human will be coming anytime soon.", The tall one said. "But what if one does?! I the magnificent Sans will have to be ready!", the blueberry said. So his name is Sans? "And I the tired Papyrus would like to go home.", the tall one said. And his name is Papyrus. "Papyrus!!", Sans said. "Fine, I will go reset the puzzles.", Papyrus said. And with that the little blueberry stormed off.

    I came out from behind the rock. "Well, that was my bro.", Papyrus said. "How old is he?", I asked wondering if he was a tiny little 6 year old. "He's seventeen. I know, he doesn't act like it or look like it.", Papyrus said. "I'm seventeen too.", I said. (sorry if you aren't but go with it) "Kid you're kinda short for your age aren't you?", Papyrus said. "HEY!!!", I yelled.  "I'm just messing with you.", Papyrus said. We found the blueberry up ahead. "P-Papyrus?!! Is that a HUMAN?!!!!!!!", Sans said freaking out. "Hi!", I said smiling and waving. "Human! You will not pass beyond this point!", the blueberry said. He was kinda cute... "(y/n)! You cannot and will not fall for a skeleton today!!", I thought. "Up ahead are a series of puzzles that are sure to leave you puzzled!", Sans said. "D-did you just? Oh my gosh you did!!", Papyrus said. "Did what?", Sans asked. "You made a pun!!! I'm so proud!!!!", Papyrus said beaming. "H-huh? no I didn't!!!", Sans yelled. "Oh, you didn't mean to...", Papyrus said obviously disappointed. "N-no! Don't be's COLD!!!", Sans said disgusted with himself. Papyrus looked happy. "Well, um...HUMAN!!! Goodbye...",Sans said.

Then he ran off. "How much cuter can he get?", I said. "(y/n), you have a crush on my bro?", Papyrus asked. "Huh? No he is like a blueberry..", I said. "oh, he does want a girlfriend though. He's been talking about it for a long time. Plus I can't keep him in check easily. I might need a little extra help.", Papyrus said. 

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