My "friends", Sara, Allison, and Maddie dared me to go up Mt.Ebbot. Me, being a pushover, went along with it. I didn't have anything to parents died in a car crash...but I didn't. "Look at her she's so pathetic!", Allison called after me. 

         "I-I don't wanna go!", I yelled. I knew that they didn't care what happened to me. "You have too!",Sara said. "B-but I'm scared!", I yelled. "Guys, let her go!", Maddie said. "No Maddie! (y/n), if you're too scared, let us help you!", Allison said taking out a piece of rope and duct tape. My eyes widened. "Guys!", Maddie yelled, taking up for me. Maddie had always been really nice. Her other friends...not so much.

         It made me happy she was standing up for me. "Maddie! She is going down there and you know it!", Sara said pushing Maddie. Maddie tumbled down the mountain and fell into bushes. "Maddie!", I yelled as Allison tied me up. I struggled trying to untie myself. Sara flipped her auburn hair and called for Allison to bring her the tape. Allison handed it to her. She taped my mouth shut. "Now if you try to scream no one will hear you!", Sara said as she walked me up the mountain. They had tied my arms up so tightly that i was bleeding. "Help...", I muttered. No one came. I started to cry.

       "Ah, we're here (y/n). Are you ready?",Allison said as she laughed. "Nfffm!!", I screamed. Cuz of course with the duct tape I couldn't talk. Sara ripped the duct tape off my mouth so hard it made my lips hurt. "Have fun!", she said as she laughed. She pushed me. "KYAAAAAAHHHH!!!!!!!!!", I screamed as I fell.

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