aka just guess

  • I live in Snowdin
  • I was born on May 25
  • My occupation is Undertale, undertale is my occupation lol
  • I am female
  • Dorkupine100

    I walked and walked. It was so cold and I was freezing! I started to shiver. Now the cold was starting to hurt. I pressed on in hopes of finding a town or Sans or Papyrus. I felt all the cold leave my body. But that was because I had gone numb. I collapsed on the white snow.


    Sans' p.o.v

    I hummed to myself as I skipped across the snow. I was happy I had found a human to capture! Wait! Alphys would kill her if she saw her! And I really care about this human!! She's so nice and, well, i kinda love her... I don't know how she would feel about this though.

    I came to a rock and sat down to think. I looked around for (y/n), getting the feeling she was around. She was, but not in the way I expected. She was sprawled out on the snow. A small cat-lik…

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  • Dorkupine100

    Hmm...that girl was kinda cute! I'll see how she does with the puzzles. But there's no way that taco won't work. Maybe there'll be some more left for me. YAY!!!

        Sorry it was such a short Sans p.o.v but i just needed to explain quickly that Sans likes you. 

                                                                                       (y/n)'s p.o.v

              "Whoa!!", I yelled slipping on the ice.I fell. "UGGGGG!!!!", I screamed. This is the most annoying  puzzle ever!! I know the solution, but I keep on slipping. I finally stepped on the last switch. "YES!!!!!!", I yelled. The door opened. I walked out to find a table and an unplugged microwave. The plate had a taco on it. "I am so hungry! Yay food!!!", I said. The taco was stuck to t…

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  • Dorkupine100

     After I got pushed I freaked out and fainted. I woke up. "Oh, it was just a dream!", I said with relief. I took in my surroundings. Tiny pieces of construction paper had broken my fall. I was in an underground place. I finally realized it wasn't a dream.

           "Of course it's nots a dream silly!", a tiny little cat like thing with black hair and a tee shirt said. "Oh! Hi, who are you?", I asked. "HOI!!! I'm Tem the Temmie!!! Are you newz heres?", Tem said. I nodded. "Oh! Then Tems shouldz show you how things are donez here!",Tem said. A heart appeared in front of me.  "You see dat heart? That's is your soULz!", Tem said. "Okay!", I said. "Downz heres loves is shared by tiny littles TEMMIE FLAKES!!!!", the temmie said. "Gather as many as u…

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  • Dorkupine100

         My "friends", Sara, Allison, and Maddie dared me to go up Mt.Ebbot. Me, being a pushover, went along with it. I didn't have anything to parents died in a car crash...but I didn't. "Look at her she's so pathetic!", Allison called after me. 

             "I-I don't wanna go!", I yelled. I knew that they didn't care what happened to me. "You have too!",Sara said. "B-but I'm scared!", I yelled. "Guys, let her go!", Maddie said. "No Maddie! (y/n), if you're too scared, let us help you!", Allison said taking out a piece of rope and duct tape. My eyes widened. "Guys!", Maddie yelled, taking up for me. Maddie had always been really nice. Her other friends...not so much.

             It made me happy she was standing up for me. "Maddie! She is…

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  • Dorkupine100

    If you want like a LOT of x readers go to   Welp, without further ado here I go!!!

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