Wandering Toriel woke up in her new house in Outworld. The first thing she noticed was that the annoying dog that Wanderer had decided, for reasons that were beyond her, to adopt had left during the night. “Hmm, maybe he won’t notice.”

She walked over to the two bedrooms that were close to hers. “My Children, time to get up!” Wanderer teleported next to her. “Where’s Tobes?”

“He…umm, he seems to have wandered away, my child” Wanderer frowned “Tori, I told you, I’m not your child, I’m not even really a child, it’s not my fault I look like one. Now, where is my dog?” Toriel frowned. “I honestly don’t know…” Toriel bit her lip to avoid calling Wanderer a child “Maybe you should go find it.”

“Ok… Good idea, Tobes is a good dog; he wouldn’t leave without a reason.” Wanderer’s eye sockets lit up “Maybe he found another piece of Gaster… I gotta go Tori, tell WanderBerry where I went!” Wanderer disappeared in a flash of purple light.

WanderBerry walked out of his room rubbing an eye socket “Where’d he go this time?” Tori smiled “I’m not sure even he knows… wherever his dog went I guess.”


Wanderer appeared just outside Snowdin. “Okay, my teleportation instincts have never steered me wrong before…other that the time I ended up in a wall…but no way that happens this time.” Wanderer wandered through the town until he noticed something “This AU isn’t destroyed…there are Aus that Error hasn’t destroyed? This is blowing my mind right…” Wanderer saw something that made color return to his white face. There was a skeleton, very similar to someone he knew, playing with his dog.

“Hello sir” said the skeleton “I’m Papyrus…what’s your name?” Papyrus, thought the Gaster part of Wanderer, my son is alive. The rest of Wanderer then thought… No, your son isn’t alive; Gaster’s son is alive… besides this isn’t even THAT Papyrus. He continued to just stare at Papyrus.

“Kid…umm, are you okay?” said Papyrus, “Do you have a parent I should call?”


“I’m afraid I don’t speak hands, could you try that again?”

“I’m fine, sorry…” Said Wanderer “I don’t normally speak in hands… That’s my dog; I was just looking for him. And I’m not a kid”

Meanwhile, in the void

Gaster wasn’t sure who the boy was… but as soon as he appeared the voids hold on him began to get weaker.

“Weaker, weaker, weaker still…the results of this incident are very promising indeed…I just hope nothing interrupts him before whatever he’s doing is finished.”

Gaster watched as Sans walked out and saw Wanderer talking to Papyrus. His eye immediately turned to its flaming blue version.

“So much for hope…so, so close…”

Back in Candletale

Sans shouted loudly at Wanderer “Stay away from my brother you Psycho! I watched the video of you fighting Paper Jam!” He rushed Wanderer with multiple Gaster Blasters.

“Sans, He was just a kid…he, he wasn’t trying to hurt me!”

“Paps, he’s dangerous!” Said Sans “He tried to kill Paper Jam, I can show you the video, its on the star Sanses website.”

The smoke cleared and Wanderer was fine “They got that on video; I don’t suppose they have the part where we work things out.”

“No, they don’t, but I’ve seen it too MISTAKE” Error appeared from nowhere obviously mad at someone “Including the part where you threaten to MURDER ME!”

“Oh no…”

“THAT’S RIGHT, AND I MAY NOT BE ABLE TO KILL YOU, BUT I CAN MAKE YOU HURT!” Said Error as his strings wrapped around Papyrus and Sans “You like these two…they remind you of your world’s versions… WHICH ONE SHOULD I KILL FIRST”

“Wait, Error, no, you…you can’t…”



A Gaster blaster shot Error to the ground as this worlds Gaster appeared from nowhere.

“Try and Stop me old man!” Said Error as he shot more strings at Gaster. Gaster caught the string, his head beginning to flame.

The strings caught fire, “NEVER…HURT…MY…FAMILY AGAIN” he shouted. He punctuated each word with a blast from his Gaster blasters. Error teleported to a safe place to heal.

Gaster hugged his sons. During this Wanderer started to sneak away.

“Hold on a minute young man” Said Gaster in a stern voice “You’ve got a lot to answer for…”

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