aka DoomyBoy

  • I live in the moon in OuterTale...long story
  • I was born on January 1
  • My occupation is exsupervillian
  • I am male
  • DoomyBoy

    Okay, so...well I have a lot of stuff going on right now and I won't be on as much as usual...sorry

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  • DoomyBoy

    A little advice

    June 12, 2017 by DoomyBoy

    So, I made a new, less Sans-like inmage for wanderer, but it keeps saying invalid token when I try to upload it, any advice?

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  • DoomyBoy

      Wanderer walked into the living room in OutWorld. Wanderberry was watching a the only television inside the house, which is supposed to be used only to monitor the thousands of AUs, all of whom wanderer considered to be, in his own paranoid way, in constant threat of being erased by Error!Sans.

      Strangely enough, WanderBerry seemed to be watching a action show. Seeing Wanderer, he said "You have got to see this AU!". WanderBerry turned the volume up "I think it's called 'RescueTale', it's totally awesome!" The two watched the AU for several hours before Wandering Toriel unplug the TV set...right in the middle of a daring rescue by RescueTale Sans.

       "HEY" yelled W-Berry and Wanderer. They jerked their heads away from the screen long enou…

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  • DoomyBoy

    Wandering Toriel woke up in her new house in Outworld. The first thing she noticed was that the annoying dog that Wanderer had decided, for reasons that were beyond her, to adopt had left during the night. “Hmm, maybe he won’t notice.”

    She walked over to the two bedrooms that were close to hers. “My Children, time to get up!” Wanderer teleported next to her. “Where’s Tobes?”

    “He…umm, he seems to have wandered away, my child” Wanderer frowned “Tori, I told you, I’m not your child, I’m not even really a child, it’s not my fault I look like one. Now, where is my dog?” Toriel frowned. “I honestly don’t know…” Toriel bit her lip to avoid calling Wanderer a child “Maybe you should go find it.”

    “Ok… Good idea, Tobes is a good dog; he wouldn’t leave …

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