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    July 26, 2017 by Doge20948964965872

    so i was just thinking about an au where all of the monsters are swapped with MaD2 kongregate chat users, like Nega16bit (also known as mega8bit, i dont know how many accounts he has.) or Elswordia or someone else.

    it would be intresting.

    but im pretty sure almost nobody but me goes on the MaD2 chat on kongregate or even has an account, and nobody here knows who these users are.

    i would list most of the users i know down, but im too lazy to put them all down so i'll just list some of the more noticable ones.

    • Elswordia
    • Mega8bit (and his alts)
    • Michelle (aka the almost 10 year old with the mind of a 5 year old)
    • JustMakingOPgun2
    • Doge_11284 (me, im apparently a normie because i have doge in my name.)
    • Destan (he's a moderator that dosent take his job ser…
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