Hey everyone.

If I'm not active, or I act very rude/brash I apologize SINCERELY.

Yesterday, August 1st, I found out that there's a VERY good chance my school will have to shut down this year. The reason is lack of state funds (as Illinois is over $154 billion in debt and can't pay the schools). There was a letter sent out from the head of my school district that summed it all up, and after talking to a Junior friend of mine, it seems like we were only payed $770,000 this year, and that we'll probably only last until Christmas. That also means, personally, that I won't be able to graduate, as I am a Senior this year.

So again, if I act unlike my usual self I'm very sorry. At the moment I'm scared for my future, as am I scared for everyone elses' futures here; the other students, the people losing's something you think can never happen to you, but when it happens you feel like you're in a movie and reality is smacking you in the face. Hard. Worst part is, we only have two weeks until school is supposed to start, and we may not be able to get up and running if the school doesn't recieve the funds it gets every year on August 10th (Thank you, Bruce Rauner, for vetoing a bill that may have helped us).

I hope you'll try to understand my situation to the best of your abilities, as I need all of the support I can get to not only help myself, but help keep others around me positive about what's happening. Thank you for taking your time to listen,

~ Megan

Update: My parents could care less about the school closing, and told me if it DID close I'd just have to suck it up and graduate late.

(Also, a piece of advice for everyone here; do NOT move to Illinois. If you can help it, PLEASE DO NOT MOVE HERE. Illinois is a sinking ship, and with the history of corrupt and jailed politicians things won't be getting any better anytime soon. Sorry for the rant.)

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