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  • I live in The Undertale AU Wiki
  • My occupation is Deleteing and Vandalizing articles.
  • I am A deleted article.
  • Deletey

    WikiT's suicide

    June 18, 2017 by Deletey

    WikiT wanted to say a few things. Shes gonna kill herself tonight. She wanted to tell a few users something.

    Max, I was in a bad mood, just like a few other users where before. Apparently, I have to be noticed for every single bad deed I got. So then you decided to make a demotion poll everyone started hating me, and now I have this fucking headache.


    Create, we were friends, then because some users started hating on me, you blocked me and called me a bully and a jackass. But whos the real jackass here? You didnt even know what happened, and you thought I was a bully, so you blocked me and called me a jackass. Maybe youre the real jackass here..

    Fuck you

    All I did was be upset and then you called me a bitch on every wiki and harassed me. F…

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