• Dekanaia

    I feel like there has been an abundance of false information on pages like Storyshift, having headcanons and fanon displayed as fact. Please double-check your info before publishing onto here. It's annoying to others who have to clean it up and well, makes for a better Wikia.

    Onto another point - grammar.

    This Is Not How You Type.

    this is how you type as sans.

    There is absolutely no reason to not check your grammar. No exceptions.

    Lastly, AUs with Little to No Content.

    PLEASE, I plead, PLEASE do not make a page unless you have more than just Sans' role. Don't make a page either until there is actual content rather than your potential swaps. Nobody cares for an AU that's only going to have a Megalovania and just the Sans and Papyrus roles. Seriou…

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