1. Create. Just Create.

2. Your interpretation of human Create.

3. Create in an oversized jacket/hoodie.

4. Create beating the absolute shit out of Error or Nightmare.

5. Create with your AU character/OC.

6. Create in a dress.

7. Create as an animal. (His spirit animal is the lion, but whatever)

8. Create either eating pizza or cake. (I’m hungry rn, what do you people want from me?)

9. Create drunk.

10. Create overdosed with coffee.

11. Your interpretation of Create!Sans and Horror!Sans’s child. ( @sour-apple-studios )

12. Create chilling with Fresh!Sans.

13. Create in punk clothes.

14. Create hugging/kissing your AU character/OC.

15. Create cuddling your AU/OC while he’s asleep.

16. Create!Sans and Echo!Sans. (Aka Gaster!Sans)

17. Create, Ink and Dream drinking tea.

18. Your interpretation of Underlust Create.

19. Create alone, crying.

20. Create and Dream wrapping Christmas boxes.

21. Create helping UT!Toriel water the flowers in the ruins

22. Create and UT!Undyne cooking.

23. Create tied up. (Keep it PG13 rated)

24. Create caught in one of UF!Papyrus’s traps.

25. (Merry Christmas by then!!) Create in a Christmas sweater.

26. Create in a box. (He’s claustrophobic)

27. Neko Create.

28. Create in Ink’s clothes and vice versa.

29. Create in Dream’s clothes and vice versa.

30. Create drinking wine.

31. Create, Dream and Ink recklessly holding a firework, ready to launch it.

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