In a universe of Undertale, which can only be found if you already know where it is, 6 creatures reside. These 6 are Moderators, Creators and a Destroyer. One thing they have in common? They're all Hackers.

"Create, slow the fuck down!" an irritated Sans yelled. This Sans was wearing a red bandanna on his head, a red jacket, grey shorts and grey slippers. He, along with his two brothers and 3 friends, were playing a game of tag. He was it.

"No point if I'm not fast, Des!" another Sans called out. This Sans wore an awful lot of pink. We was wearing a pink scarf, a hot pink T-shirt overtop a white long sleeve, purple shorts, red boots and a black satchel. He was notably a feminist.

"Aww, quit ya whinin'!" a female voice yelled. This one, labelled "The Demon" was this only female. She had orange hair, red eyes, yellow horns, long animal ears replacing where human ears are, green dragon wings and a black demon tail. She has no consistent outfit. Her current outfit was a loose tanktop, which she tied at the bottom, a pair of denim shorts and red sports shoes. On her arm was a pink snake tattoo that looped around her arm from her shoulder to her elbow.

3 others, Scrap, Etch and Stylus, had stopped running. These 3 were notable troublemakers. Scrap wiped his forehead in exhaustion.

Scrap, who is a Gaster, is The Demon's 2nd most social "child", as she calls them. He wore a purple sweater underneath a black open sleeveless vest, black pants, purple boots, a spiked choker and a brown work belt. His cracks were quite interesting. One was a star and the other was a heart. His favorite color is notable purple, in our eyes. Unfortunately, Scrap is colorblind. He sees his favorite color as mahogany.

The other 2, Etch and Stylus, I will describe them later.

As these 6 were playing around, a portal opened. The Demon was confused. She had known everyone that knew where this universe, named Createtale, resides. Yet, who stepped out of the portal, she did not recognize. The one that had stepped out of the portal was almost identical to Ink, only more horrific, hence his name. "Beautiful universe." he said. The Demon sensed danger. She however, for the time, would do nothing, as her throat had felt closed up.

When she finally regained her breath, she looked at him with fear, and asked her first question. "Who are you?"

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