(The Story starts with Corly just walking alone in a random AU,When suddenly a mask hits her head and it falls into the ground.)

Corly: Ouch! Uh? what is this mask? *Grabs it and the mask has shape of a Sans skeleton mask* A Sans mask? Um..

(Selena appears behind her)

Selena: You should drop that mask.

Corly: Why? i dont see it dangerous.

Selena: *Faceplams* IT can take over you.

Corly: Nah,i dont think that.

Selena: Are you kidding me?

Corly: Whatever.

(Corly Teleports to her Sketch room while Selena just goes to the Anti-Void)

Corly: Anyways im just gonna...Put this on.

(Corly puts the Sans mask and nothing happens)

Corly: Eh,She was lying,Hm..What i can do with this mask? Oh! i have an idea.

(Corly gets some Sans like clothes and puts them on her)

Corly: The next thing is font talking.

(She Goes and trys to Font talk on Corbel font.)

Corly: Okay the last step is The eyes,Truthly the eyes.

(Corly's Eyes turn into Black with White pupils)

Corly: Great,Now i just need to think of a name.

Sarah: How about Corbel?


Sarah: Ptff,I just do that when Selena Allows me to.

Corbel: ...She knows this dosent she?

Sarah: And So do i,But no one else will. so Dont worry.

Corbel: Eh,I guess thats True.

Sarah: We are watchin u *Goes trough the wall slowly*

Corbel: That is just odd.

IRL Corly: God end me,Anyways here is the Very First part of the 2nd Story Of my Stories. I hope you guys like it and Im sorry if this isnt what you Expected. See ya guys in the next one!