Narrator: Welcome Back to the 2nd Part of Episode 2 CNAS-Tale Corly's Shorts,An Series where Corly and her Creations will do Some Random Stuff and an little bit of BackStory, So without an long intro, Lets Being!

???:*breaking the fourth wall* we need to change that intro |:T

EPISODE 2: New Characters,New Problems PART TWO 

Coral: So,Im Not Really an real being?

Blue-Erry: You are, just with...MEET.

Cor Preta: Sis this is not time for jokes |:/

Corly: Dont you dare core.

Cor Preta: F*** i f***ing forgot |:T

-An New Character is Born-

???: Agh! 
Sarah 2017

Blue-Erry: Uh?

Cor Preta: again. |:T

Corly: So uh..your now made :/

???: Wut?

Coral: your one of Corly's Creations,like us.

Corly: And Your Name is...Sarah.

Sarah: Wait,e.e why im an ghost like thing

Corly: Oh! i made you like that.

Sarah: ....

-Cor Takes out an Bazooka-


-Slaps Cor-

Corly: Dont you dare joke like that.

Cor Preta: F*** U

Blue-Erry: Sis i think you should...Stop with it ;w;

Cor Preta: Fine. |:T

-The Final Two Characters Are Born-

Corly: Okay So Now Selena And Violet Blue Are born :v

Selena: Wut? 
Selena redesign
Violet.B: Wait What the heck? Why are we here? 
Violet Blue Current look

Corly: You have been born :T

Selena and Violet.B: Oh.

Corly: Ya.


Corly: Okay So i was thinking to myself about Episode Two And i didnt had an chance but to just end it up like that :T

Sarah: Im breaking the fourth wall nao, i was the one in the begining. :v

Corly: xD Okay so..I might Add the Series to an Hiratus for an unknown thing of Time by zero ideas, we hope you enjoyed <insert name here> and we will see you when the hiratus ended! See ya n.n