Narrator: Welcome Back to CNAS-Tale Corly's Shorts!An Series where Corly and her Creations will do Some Random Stuff and an little bit of BackStory, So without an long intro, Lets Being!

EPISODE 2: New Characters,New Problems PART ONE

-Corly is busy Sketching New Characters-

Cor Preta: Dude,When are the new characters going to be created?

Corly: After i finish Sketching Them,You idiot.

Cor Preta: F*** Right. |:T

Corly: Almost Done With the First one

Blue-Erry: OOOOOO Im So Ready For it :0

Cor Preta: Eh.

-Corly Finished Sketching The New Character-

Corly: Done!

Cor Preta: Alright imma just bring it to the Color Machine thing for Give them Life.

Corly: Its called the Life Machine You moron.

Blue-Erry: Cant we just Call it Color Machine?

Corly and Cor Preta: Fine.

-Cor Goes to put the sketch to the Color Machine while Corly Continues with the New Characters-

Corly: Almost Done!

-Corly Has Done Two Sketches Of new Characters-

Cor Preta: Alright Imma just bring it with the other sketch.

-Cor Just puts the Sketchs of the characters into The Color Machine,After That The First Character was born-

Cor Preta: WOAH, i Didnt Expected That.

???: Uh? Where i am? 

Corly: Well your in Our Room where we sketch new Characters

???: Know How i am Alive?

Blue-Erry: By That Color Machine

Corly: Well Your now one of my creations :T

???: Oh.

Cor Preta: Im Cor Preta But You Can Call me Core.

Blue-Erry: Im Blue-Erry Preta OvO

Corly: And Im Corly.

???: I Really Dont Know my Name.

Corly: Your Name Is Coral,in my mind i created it.

Coral: Oh Really?

Cor Preta: Ya

Blue-Erry: Ye


Coral: Okay so imma Break the Fourth wall,As you can see im now part of Corly's Creations, We Know this is Short but we Promise that there will be an Part Two! We Hope You Enjoyed <insert name here> ! n.n See You Next Time!