• I live in No Where(IRL: Guatemala)
  • I am Female,ffs. Also Taken by Tia
  • Corly

    Poll time

    October 12, 2017 by Corly

    Do you want me to fucking die? Yes YESSS FUCK YOU CORLY!! YES NIGGA. YESSSS Yeah ...Corly please don't kill yourself No because I like you No because I can fuck you over and I can treat you like an asshole,NIGGA!! FAG!! ...Please don't PLEASE DO! I HATE YOU SO MUCH!

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  • Corly


    September 13, 2017 by Corly

    If you want me to stay then i will.

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  • Corly

    Quitting,AND FOR GOOD!

    September 13, 2017 by Corly

    This is the truth,im quitting the Wiki. For good.

    I have reasons and ill tell you if you even comment.

    SO go ahead and hate me,UNLEASH YOUR ANGER THAT YOU HAVE AT ME!!

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  • Corly

    New to the wiki?Well i dont give a hell

    You can fuckin make an rp no matter wat

    You will find in RPs:

    12 Edgy Demons

    Some non canon Beings

    A LAMP

    Alot of f-ckin Snases and Magutos

    Sonic Genderbend,Mary Sues and Gary Stus OCs.

    A frickin lamp

    Edgy Devils

    A f-cking Angel with long and big-ass wings

    And moar

    Welp,Not only the team but the Users.

    Jesus Alpha Lord: DAH LORD-

    Derpax041ForevahBoi: BCrat of cHOT

    DorpeSwapSnas: Admin of frickin chot

    AskHiratusCostellar: Rollbeck


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  • Corly

    Frickin hackers...

    September 8, 2017 by Corly

    Haters can hack you for a wish,Like how its happening to me. Yesterday(6/09/2017) Someone hated on me and hacked my IP,Making me be blocked along with them. I dont get why but still,Dont you dare say im lying or my Block Log is empty,HACKERS ARE EVERYWHERE.

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