Okay! Part two! And here's part one, if you need it!


But now the darkness rises;
From somewhere deep inside of me.
Her power overtakes me,
Can I keep this Midnight from getting free?

Rache was on her way to work. She was moving quickly to where the river person would be, so she could get a ride. She came to an abrupt halt, as someone stepped out into her path.

“Excuse me. Can you give me directions?” He asked.

He was handsome. Bearing the definite design of a shape shifter, like her. He didn’t have the same blockish look that she had, but more of a icey look. Like he was an ice sculpture.

“U-um. M-maybe?” New people made her incredibly nervous.

“I need to get to the CORE.” He said. His voice was deep and calming. “Do you think perhaps you could take me there? I always do love a beautiful guide.”

“Uh-um… Sure…”

He thinks I’m beautiful?

“And do you think you could help me with a few things afterwards? I could use a lovely assistant, such as yourself."

“Oh-oh. You don’t want me for that… I’m not too good at anything.”

“Really? I’d think you’d be good at lots of things. You seem very talented.”

He thinks I’m talented.

“I-I mean. My job doesn’t give me much free time…”

Why are you finding excuses not to go with him?! No one has ever been this nice to you! How can you refuse?!

“You wouldn’t ever have to worry about your job again, if you helped me. We could be together forever, you and I.”

This is going to fast. I shouldn’t agree to this. I don’t even know him!

But…. How can I not?

Common sense seemed to be past her. When she was by his side, she could fly. That was all she knew. And she never wanted to leave his side. Ever.


What had she done? What had she done!?!

How could she have been so blind?

How could she have helped him?

The world was blurring. She was dying. She deserved to die. She knew that much.

The terror was swirling though her, but it felt dim now. Everything seemed…. Off… Different… She didn’t know why.

But there was one thing she DID know.

He was gone.

Her timeline was gone.

E V E R Y T H I N G W A S G O N E.

And it was all her fault. Her’s….. and Tinatil’s.

Tinatil did this. She empowered him… but he did it.

And Rache would not stop until he was D E A D.

A slow, growing, assurance filled her. She would find him. She would track him down. And she would not rest until he was destroyed. The blurriness of death was fading into the background.

She didn’t feel right. But Rache knew one thing with a burning certainty.

Rache was DETERMIND to find Tinatil.

And when she did…. It would be the end.

For both of them.

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