Okay! I'm gonna start doing sonfics, because songfics are rad. My sonfics can get kinda long, so I'm going them in parts!

If you don't know what a singfic is, it's a fanfic that's based around a song.

This one is based off of the song 'The Midnight in Me' from the fourth 'My Little Pony: Equestris Girls' movie: Legend of Everfree.

And it's from the POV if my OC, Rache.

And here's part two, for when you're done.

So.... here it goes! Part one! Enjoy!

It used to be so simple;
It was a world I understood.
I didn't know what I didn't know,
And life seemed pretty good.

Rache walked out of her house with her head down.

No one will notice me if I don’t make eye contact. No one will notice me. I hope.

She hurried through Snowdin to the library, trying to ignore the misspelled sign. Rache wasn’t brave enough to ask them to fix it, no matter how much it bothered her.

She walked into the library and scanned the shelves. Rache had read most of these already, but she didn’t want to go all the way to the capitol today, so she was gonna have to find something to read here.

Or not read anything.

That thought seemed horrifying to her. It was her day off. She was supposed to be enjoying herself, not sitting around feeling bored. Rache always loved her days off. There were no people judging her, or teasing her, or making her feel bad. She could just relax and read a book.

A few books were out of place. Rache started fixing them while trying to find something to read.

She eventually found a book that she hadn’t read before, and went to check it out.

“Haven’t seen you in a while, Rache!” The librarian said. Rache couldn’t remember her name. She liked the librarian, though. They were always nice to her. Even if they weren't very competent.

“I’ve been busy with work.” She said quietly, handing the librarian the book. She didn’t want to hurt the librarians feeling by telling her that she liked the library in the capitol so much better.

“Ah, I see.” The librarian handed Rache the book. “Well, enjoy!”

“Thank you.” Rache said quietly, leaving the library quickly.

The next day she would work. Have to talk to some people. She might learn some tings though. She worked as an assistant in a lab. She loved science. She was always learning new stuff.

But for now, she would read. In her house. Alone. Quiet. Happy.