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  • I was born on June 13
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  • CinderSky98


    August 18, 2017 by CinderSky98

    I'm going to Idaho to see the eclipse in totality. So. I might not be on for the next few days.

    Because it's gonna be AWESOME!

    Anyway. That's all. Cya in da future. :3

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  • CinderSky98


    July 29, 2017 by CinderSky98

    All my fault.

    Why did I even try?

    Goodbye. Cya on the other side, I suppose.

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  • CinderSky98

    A Break

    July 17, 2017 by CinderSky98

    I'm back

    I'm gonna be gone for a bit. I'm going camping! Yay!

    So.... I'm not gonna be on starting tomorrow, and I'll be gone for 5 days.

    Cya all in the future!

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  • CinderSky98

    Okay! Part two! And here's part one, if you need it!


    But now the darkness rises;
    From somewhere deep inside of me.
    Her power overtakes me,
    Can I keep this Midnight from getting free?

    Rache was on her way to work. She was moving quickly to where the river person would be, so she could get a ride. She came to an abrupt halt, as someone stepped out into her path.

    “Excuse me. Can you give me directions?” He asked.

    He was handsome. Bearing the definite design of a shape shifter, like her. He didn’t have the same blockish look that she had, but more of a icey look. Like he was an ice sculpture.

    “U-um. M-maybe?” New people made her incredibly nervous.

    “I need to get to the CORE.” He said. His voice was deep and calming. “Do you think perhaps you cou…

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  • CinderSky98

    Okay! I'm gonna start doing sonfics, because songfics are rad. My sonfics can get kinda long, so I'm going them in parts!

    If you don't know what a singfic is, it's a fanfic that's based around a song.

    This one is based off of the song 'The Midnight in Me' from the fourth 'My Little Pony: Equestris Girls' movie: Legend of Everfree.

    And it's from the POV if my OC, Rache.

    And here's part two, for when you're done.

    So.... here it goes! Part one! Enjoy!

    It used to be so simple;
    It was a world I understood.
    I didn't know what I didn't know,
    And life seemed pretty good.

    Rache walked out of her house with her head down.

    No one will notice me if I don’t make eye contact. No one will notice me. I hope.

    She hurried through Snowdin to the library, trying to ignor…

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