Monsters used to roam the Earth. They were kind creatures, but they had powerful magic. The humans, even though they had magic of their own, feared this magic. This fear gave them a reason, and their own malice led them to the horrid act of attacking the monsters. The monsters didn’t want to fight. The monsters didn’t stand a chance. They’re lives were destroyed. Because the humans were selfish. The Humans were the true monsters. These wretched creatures destroyed everything the monsters had. They stole it. They smashed it. They burned it. The Monsters have been trapped with no sun for sixty-two years because of these selfish humans.

This disgusting act of destruction is only one thing the humans have done. They have destroyed everything. They violate the rights of others and the needs of children to satisfy their own selfish desires. They kill for fun. These horrid creatures walk the Earth, destroying the homes of animals and other sentient creature alike. They delight in their pain. They love to watch others suffer.

This is how it is, and always will be. Humans cannot change. They have no wish to.

I met an angel once. I don’t believe angels are human. There is no way any human could become something so perfect. She was perfect. She always told me that she was just a person like anybody else, but there’s no way I believe her. There is no way any human could be so kind. You could practically see the light coming from her.

She was only shining for six years. Humans destroyed her before she could give any true hope to the world. Humans hate hope. Humans destroy hope. She didn’t have any wings, but if she did, the humans would have ripped them off and laughed. What they did do is too hideous for words.

Monsters deserve everything the humans have. They do not deserve this fate that the humans cursed upon them. Humans should suffer. Humans should receive what they’ve given to the world. Pain. Suffering. Misery. They deserve watching their homes destroyed. They deserve to watch everything they have burned to the ground. Everything they have stolen from the world given back. Everything they’ve created ruined.

That’s what they did to me. That’s what they did to so many others. This simplest truth in this world, one that anyone less than an angel can understand. Humans deserve to be hated. All of them.

Are you a human, dear reader? If you are, you must know all these things are true. You disagree with me? Well. I must tell you. You have not seen what I have seen if you believe humans have good in them. I do not envy you if you have not seen what I have.

You want to know who I am? Ha! It does not matter. Besides, you haven’t introduced yourself yet. Why should I?

Either way, I’ve talked long enough. Time to get to the story. The story of an angel. The second angel I’ve met. The angel that still shines. The angel that still has her wings. Let her tell you my story. Let her tell you the monsters. Let her tell you her's. Then look at the world through her eyes. For through her eyes, are what I wish I could see. They are what only an angel could see.

And let us hope she can keep her wings. For this world is a dark place, and angels are never given the love they deserve.

Authors note:
Hope you enjoyed! Don't worry, the regular chapters will be a lot less pessimistic. Like the speaker here says, this story is to be told through the eyes of an angel. I will be creating the entire story soon, but this is my introduction. I wasn't going to make it this long, but it just kind of started writing itself. I actually cut some pieces out; it used to be longer.

I've been meaning to start this for a long time! This is the story of Forevertale, my AU. I am going to write three timelines I think- but this introduction fits all of them. I am going to start with neutral, not pacifist like most people seem to do.

Tell me what you think of my introduction to Forevertale in the comments!

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