aka Just call me something like CZA or Zia

  • I live in planet earth
  • I was born on May 12
  • My occupation is a Game Creator ( sorta )
  • I am a black fart
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    TBH, This is kinda scaring me.

    So... We can't mash up AUS?


    Here's mine anyways.... I might delete it from this Wiki, But never from meh heart

    "Ne Plus Ultra"

    -Has it's own plot. (Nothing like Undertale in here)

    -Has a few OCs by me and others.

    -Hero is no longer Frisk, as it is Error. (For a good reason tho.)

    -Easter eggs.

    -New soul modes.

    Sorry if I did something bad, I'll post this AU somwhere else...

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    I am making a fangame, and I am lacking music.

    I have a music making program, but I'm not really allowed to use it very much.


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    Hi there, It's me Chinchouzia.

    P.S about the Wiki confusion incident I am very sorry indeed.

    So, before I made my account in this wikia I saw somebody named "Phoebe Fennekin",

    Them mentioning deletion of an article made me a bit afraid, Especially because of it being Non-Canon.

    Then when I went here, I discovered Dark!Sans.

    I was scared his AU may be deleted, and I wanted a bit of peace in here.

    I then realized what I did was wrong.

    LunarDemiac (I think that is the spelling, help me) mentioned AUs are canon in their own way.

    Still, I'm a bit afraid.

    My Fangame and Comic is a crossover of all the AUs I know so far, and I only posted little information due to my fear.

    Should I continue the page or not?

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