aka Call me Zia or Limeboy.

  • I live in planet earth
  • I was born on May 12
  • My occupation is a Game Creator ( sorta )
  • I am the reference dude
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    So I haven't been releasing any REAL blogs, and I was just chickening out about posting my AU.


    "Ne Plus Ultra "

    So, I actually found Alternate Universes and Alternate Timelines extremely interesting...

    ...The AU, Underverse, was an Altternate Universe's Alternate Timeline!

    So, I decided... Why not?

    (Sadly although, Everywhere I see a Sans character and nothing else to use as a character for my AU, So I had no other choice but to use a Sans for a male character)

    It's a secret for now, Someone else should write it down when the fangame/book/animation is released.

    • Ruin it with your horrific WHATEVER x WHATEVER or WHATEVER x YOURSELF, and I will, in fact, give up all my hope. This game is not for me, This is for my parents who are…

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    I know I'm acting a little paranoid about sharing my AU,

    But you've seen what a failure most AUs became, It's gross with Sans x Frisk, Sans x Sans,

    Papyrus x Sans, Papyrus x Papyrus, and more cringe.

    Really though, I searched Glitchtale in Wattpad and they ruined my life.

    Underverse is almost dead. Underswap is shriveled into lava.

    And I don't wanna have a downfall fandom like how poor Camila ended up as.


    I'm not saying I don't have faith in the fandom, I'm just worried, since I'm pretty much younger than ALL OF YOU.

    (Younger than 13 years old) so, Is it okay if somebody can give out tips to avoid cringe?

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    TBH, This is kinda scaring me.

    So... We can't mash up AUS?


    Here's mine anyways.... I might delete it from this Wiki, But never from meh heart

    "Ne Plus Ultra"

    -Has it's own plot. (Nothing like Undertale in here)

    -Has a few OCs by me and others.

    -Hero is no longer Frisk, as it is Error. (For a good reason tho.)

    -Easter eggs.

    -New soul modes.

    Sorry if I did something bad, I'll post this AU somwhere else...

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    I am making a fangame, and I am lacking music.

    I have a music making program, but I'm not really allowed to use it very much.


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    Hi there, It's me Chinchouzia.

    P.S about the Wiki confusion incident I am very sorry indeed.

    So, before I made my account in this wikia I saw somebody named "Phoebe Fennekin",

    Them mentioning deletion of an article made me a bit afraid, Especially because of it being Non-Canon.

    Then when I went here, I discovered Dark!Sans.

    I was scared his AU may be deleted, and I wanted a bit of peace in here.

    I then realized what I did was wrong.

    LunarDemiac (I think that is the spelling, help me) mentioned AUs are canon in their own way.

    Still, I'm a bit afraid.

    My Fangame and Comic is a crossover of all the AUs I know so far, and I only posted little information due to my fear.

    Should I continue the page or not?

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