BrOOd The WoLf

Erased (Blocked)
  • I live in In hell
  • My occupation is Killing jews
  • I am Male bitch
  • BrOOd The WoLf

    You can call me : Wolf,Brood and BrOOd but you can call me with my nicknames : Br00d tHe w0Lf and bRooD tHE wOlF. So...i making AUs like Hatredtale and Unforgiven Tale... And i really like Underfell is a cool AU.

    My real name is Matt Brooder i live in (Unknown) and i have (Unknown) years old and i'am a

    french-english guy in the real life.

    If you want to talk to me go to my discussion wall ! And my catchphrase is : >. So...have a nice day guys !

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