Hello everybody, i am just here to give out my opinions on those users, that's all, what do you expec-


She is a cool dude, and nice! (Sheisalsofunnytoo) I also like how she draws W.D Gaster, and Mentaltale. I used to be scared of her before, but i think she is okay. ( No. I am NOT scared of her because of her being aggressive, i am scared of her because i see her being pissed when me and Saku are rping. (Shegetsboredprettyquickwhenrpinghappens) When we met without rping... eh, its where i first started know about ships in this wiki. )


A cool admin, his also funny too. I have nothing more to say for him since we are just Friends.


When i first met him, i wanted to joke with him too with Derp and Max. So i just made a ship called "Kkone" even its ment for a joke. Even though his very sinnish, he is funny like them.


He is a Hilarious guy! He always entertain me. And his also nice too. He is okay...anyways, if you try to ship me with him, i... i dont know if that would fi- oh his... nvm, but i am not taken anymore, um, i wont attack you for shipping me with him, i don't care, i respect opinions.

I'll add more if u catch me, commonly the chat... if everyone is active.