Disordertale is now the AU i focus on, i made the plot for it.

A long time ago, there is two races that ruled over Earth... Humans and Monsters

One day, a war broke out between those. After a long battle, the humans are victorious.

The humans sealed the Monsters underground with a magic spell.

Many years later.


The legends say that who climb the mountain... never return.

Once upon a time, there is a young human named Frisk. They learned the story between Monsters and Humans. They are also learned about the old tale where a monster with horns killed a human for their soul.

Frisk is such a.. curious kid, they tried to climb the mountain while people told them to not to. They do everything to climb Mt. Ebott. But they cant. They tried to sneak out of their home to climb it, but the door is locked.

One day, their mother died from unknown reasons, their Dad left Frisk alone. As for now, Frisk is now lonely. Until they realized it's ther chance to climb Mt. Ebott. Frisk run, then climb Mt. Ebott. They tripped and fall to a huge hole. Frisk fell to the ground, full of golden flowers.

"Ughh... what happened?..." Frisk stand up, rubbing their head.

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