Dear Diary,

I dont think human village is pretty good right now, it's very stressful here.. but, atleast there is some good intentions. I heard that we live nearby a mountain named: Mount. Ebott. I learned about legends between Humans and Monsters, so i really wanted to Climb it, i left because learning all of those legends, i am feeling that those legends are real.. i'm going.

> Bone opened the door, but Azul interrupted them.

Azul: Hey Bone, before you go.. uh, can you buy me more pepsi? I will pay for it when you come back.

Bone: ...okay.

> Bone run to Mt. Ebott, climb it, then fell.

Bone: Ugh... this must be a hard fall..- !

> Bone see a sillhoutte shaped like a goat.

???: Do not worry, my child, i wont hurt you. Welcome to the underground, it's full of monsters here..

Bone: ( So the legends are true.. but why wont those monsters normally hurt me?... )

Toriel: Oh, i forgot to introduce myself! My name is Toriel, caretaker of the ruins.

Bone: ...

Toriel: Come, hold my hand, my child. You'll be safe. First, i will introduce you to the ruins.

Bone: ...ok.

> Bone holds Toriel's hand, and stand up.

> An hour later.

Toriel: Are you sure about this my child?...

Bone: ...yes.

Toriel: But outside there is dangerous...King asgore might take your soul...

Bone: ...soul?

Toriel: My child, can i see your soul?

Bone: ...ok.

Toriel: ...Huh, it's gray.. what kind of soul is this?

Bone: ...i dont know.

Toriel: Anyways, uh.. Asgore...

Toriel: ...They currently have 5 souls right now...

Bone: ...ok.

Toriel: * Sigh * My child, i don't want you to get hurt...

Bone: ...i wont.

Toriel: ...fine, you can go...before that, i will give you this.. > Toriel gives Bone a phone.

Bone: ...a phone?

Toriel: Yeah, it's more emergency reasons.

Bone: ...okay.

> Bone goes downstairs, going to the bottom of the ruins until their Phone is beeping.


> Bone hangs up the phone.

Bone: weirdo.

> Bone slowly open the door to Snowdin.

Dear Diary,

I guess those legends are true, but lying about Monsters being mean, anyways. I met a skeleton named Showcard yesterday, i can see him running, being very scared of something, i told him what's wrong, but he screamed. The reason why i didn't get killed or something is because of my mask. After a long day of talking to Showcard, i just attend to a existing hotel i know, and Showcard became my Roommate, but Showcard always come to my room being drunk or something, and always call me beautiful. I guess Monsters are nice afterall...

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