Bone Apetit

  • I live in In a world full of chairs
  • I was born on October 3
  • My occupation is Uhm..An Artist?
  • I am A female DUHH!!
  • Bone Apetit

    Nah, i was kidding, i am not, anyways...

    Everyone knows i am a girl, right? well guess what...

    Guess what i look like irl...

    I didn't do a face reveal because of how shy am i.

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  • Bone Apetit

    Dear Diary,

    I dont think human village is pretty good right now, it's very stressful here.. but, atleast there is some good intentions. I heard that we live nearby a mountain named: Mount. Ebott. I learned about legends between Humans and Monsters, so i really wanted to Climb it, i left because learning all of those legends, i am feeling that those legends are real.. i'm going.

    > Bone opened the door, but Azul interrupted them.

    Azul: Hey Bone, before you go.. uh, can you buy me more pepsi? I will pay for it when you come back.

    Bone: ...okay.

    > Bone run to Mt. Ebott, climb it, then fell.

    Bone: Ugh... this must be a hard fall..- !

    > Bone see a sillhoutte shaped like a goat.

    ???: Do not worry, my child, i wont hurt you. Welcome to the underground, it…

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  • Bone Apetit

    Disordertale is now the AU i focus on, i made the plot for it.

    A long time ago, there is two races that ruled over Earth... Humans and Monsters

    One day, a war broke out between those. After a long battle, the humans are victorious.

    The humans sealed the Monsters underground with a magic spell.

    Many years later.

    MT. EBOTT 201X

    The legends say that who climb the mountain... never return.

    Once upon a time, there is a young human named Frisk. They learned the story between Monsters and Humans. They are also learned about the old tale where a monster with horns killed a human for their soul.

    Frisk is such a.. curious kid, they tried to climb the mountain while people told them to not to. They do everything to climb Mt. Ebott. But they cant. They tried to …

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  • Bone Apetit

    My Opinion in Users

    July 24, 2017 by Bone Apetit

    Hello everybody, i am just here to give out my opinions on those users, that's all, what do you expec-

    She is a cool dude, and nice! (Sheisalsofunnytoo) I also like how she draws W.D Gaster, and Mentaltale. I used to be scared of her before, but i think she is okay. ( No. I am NOT scared of her because of her being aggressive, i am scared of her because i see her being pissed when me and Saku are rping. (Shegetsboredprettyquickwhenrpinghappens) When we met without rping... eh, its where i first started know about ships in this wiki. )

    A cool admin, his also funny too. I have nothing more to say for him since we are just Friends.

    When i first met him, i wanted to joke with him too with Derp and Max. So i just made a ship called "Kkone" even it…

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  • Bone Apetit

    Do you think...

    July 11, 2017 by Bone Apetit
    • Do you think there will be Undertale AU wiki, but in different langauge?
    • I think it will happen.
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