• Bone Apetit

    So uh, bad news..

    I'm leaving. * Gets a Briefcase *

    And i have my reasons.

    One, everytime i come here, stress will take over me, and i will most likely harass a user. School is taking over my life, and i have less time to come here, but if i do come here, it's... very useless, all i do is go to the chat, and chat with users, and that's it. Nothing else.

    Two, i'm very sad right now. More and more stuff happens, and more and more guilt haunts me, and even more stress also.

    Three, i don't enjoy being here anymore, i'm very serious. I used to enjoy here because of new friends i made, and creativity flows over us. But as time passes, i get tired and tired. So if you see me go to a chat today in this year, i kinda feel emotionless while typing. Sorry…

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  • Bone Apetit


    February 15, 2018 by Bone Apetit

    Funny story. (Not.)

    I have a virus in my laptop.

    I am writing this in my mom's ipad right now, and heres some story that you will get flipping bored of.

    So, i came back from school today, and i opened up my laptop after a few days of not using it ( Due to downloading Sudoku in my mom's laptop and i got addicted to it ) Then my laptop's internet is not working right. So i open and close the website ( Common technique for internet not working right ) But its not fixed

    My mom saids that there is something in the bottom of the screen, and it says "Someone is watching this laptop" ( I was not here when it says that )

    Which is not normal for laptops, but its a sign that it has a virus.

    I hope i will be safe.. I am very scared right now because of goog…

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  • Bone Apetit

    How to make an "OC"

    December 20, 2017 by Bone Apetit

    Hello! Welcome to this blog, i am your host: Bone Apetit! And i would teach you how to make a Gary Stu OC!

    • MS Paint
    • Google
    • Internet Explorer

    1. Get Internet Explorer, then type, then you type in the search bar fuckboy 9000 Sans in Undertale! Make sure to keep MS Paint on. If you dont keep MS Paint on, you fucked up.
    2. Because you kept MS paint on, you copy and paste the picture of fuckboy 9000 Sans
    3. Now, scribble colors all over his hoodie, his hair (he doesn't have one what the fu) his pants, mess around! Make sure to give him accessories ( Scarf, Gloves, etc. )
    4. Make sure the colors are the colors of the rainbow! Everyone LOOOVVEEES Rainbows! but not shitty ocs like this one
    5. Now, his "bad time" eye should be a rainbow! Because why not? (ffs its not …

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  • Bone Apetit

    User opinions *UPDATED*

    November 27, 2017 by Bone Apetit


    Idk who made it first.

    So, do you guys remember last time, my user opinions v1? Well of course you forget, because IT'S A LONG TIME AGO!

    So, here is my updated version.

    Oh, by the by, i am including blocked users, but in section of "Blocked"

    Oh boy, here comes the little creative-cinnabun here, his funny, his nice, and his always positive when it comes to stuff! I remember going to the chat and try to talk with him, but his always inactive. But now? He changed, and his now a popular-always-active-too-sweet-for-this-world-10/10-IGN-accepted-idk-what-should-i-add-more-probably-more-here-comes-random-letters-sadisadisandisad-done cinnabun! Your the best!

    And coming right up, beautiful tomater! I can say, she is the m…

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  • Bone Apetit

    If i say REAL LIFE PROBLEM, it doesn't mean i have depression, no, other than that. No, not lowered grades in school ( Even though i'm always absent BUT WHOO CARE SSS- ) Ya know what it is?


    Why 2 weeks ya ask? Well

    i got the wild chicken pox ;v;

    I was having a fever at first, i said "IT'S JUST A FEVER, ITS MINOR, I CAN DEAL WITH IT." the illness slowly got worst, and you already know, woopee, wild spots. If you know chicken pox, there are spots coming from your body, resembling pimples. And if you SCRATCH one of them, you don't like what will happen next.

    Because of my chicken pox getting worse, i got to a doctor, and they said that i am already infected. I have 2 weeks before my chicken pox disappear, i can still do everything, except it'…

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